Fastest Budget Smartphone 2017 ?! – Vernee Mars Pro Review


Trying to find a quick spending plan smartphone with 6GB Ram? Then the Vernee Mars Pro is perhaps appealing for you:
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  1. wow….ok i thought you were not going to review these shitty china phones anymore stefanalthough TBH these were your bread & butter for your old ITXTUTOR channelso the only things which make this device stand out from it’s predecessor are 6gb ram and an upgraded SoC…?

  2. Been using this phone for 3 dias(w/ Wi-Fi only). Mostly agree with your point, only that the buttons wiggle just a tad and feels micro-laggy even with 6 gigs of ram. Display is ok but struggles in the daylight.
    Camera is just s***, but color reproduction can be mended using Manual Camera as it supports Camera2 API thankfully. Cumbersome though.
    I think Redmi Note 4X is a much better phone(brighter display and acceptable camera, minus MIUI bloat), if you’re not into bigger ram and storage.

    1. Luke et Gaming is beyond the intended use of the device, as it’s behind the RMN4X(my primary phone) in terms of graphics performance. I was talking about micro(or nano?)-stutters while scrolling in Chrome.

  3. Great review especially an honest one which is very rare on youtube.

    I planned to import a Lenovo P2 from China because it’s about €100,00 cheaper. I guess quality control isn’t an issue then?
    My concern is that the bad ones (or even the ones send back or refurbished) will be sold this way.
    What do you think is there a greater risk importing a P2 than buying one in your own country?

  4. Oi, I am currently waiting for my Vernee Mars Pro and I have seen a lot of reviews.
    There is always something that some like and some do not, which will always exist regardless of the manufacturer.

    When it comes to quality control, it is not because Top manufacturers are going to have better quality assurances.
    With known batteries that burst and something else .. (where is the quality control?!?).

    Sobre 2 years ago I bought the LG G3 D855 32Gb / 3Gb top gear at that time. Which
    I liked a lot of the equipment only, 2 years later it was presented
    with several hardware problems, what you can see on the web are several
    models of LG Top with Hardware problems where LG is the quality control.

    LG’s answer to my problem was to change the mother board.

    For the value of the repair I bought the Vernee Mars Pro I get new Smartphone new version of Android and better performance.


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