Pocophone F1 Call of Duty Mobile NUKETOWN Gameplay/Snapdragon 845 gaming test 2019 updates

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Comment (16)

  1. #TechUtopia make gameplay video on Rome Total War (It has been finally launched on android)
    gameplay on Redmi Note8 pro and PocoF1

  2. #TechUtopia which phone should i purchase My Purpose is ONLY Gaming and EMULATOR Gaming please tell me my 210$-220$ or 15-16k indian rupees

  3. Thanks for testing pocophone f1 i can’t believe my comments could notice since last night when you stream about the realme X2

  4. Ill be trying the Redmi note 8 pro soon. I look forward to testing the G90t for my gaming needs. The Poco F1 was my favorite. Glad to see Xiaomi is still updating their Ui. It was very buggy at the start, but now it seems they are perfecting the phones with steady updates. <3


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