Strona główna Laptopy DaySky N141 14.1″ Laptop Giveaway (Kończy się 22 lipca)
DaySky N141 14.1″ Laptop Giveaway (Kończy się 22 lipca)

DaySky N141 14.1″ Laptop Giveaway (Kończy się 22 lipca)

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DAYSKY N141 14.1 CAL systemu Windows 10 Notatnik 258 Gearbest Kup teraz

Laptop free gift, gdzie można dostać się do: Specyfikacja techniczna:

14.1-Cala DaySkype Z8350 4GB Laptop komputer bezpłatną ofertę. Atom 14.1" 1080laptopa p, wraz z 4 GB od Baran, 64GB eMMC. Wireless N, BT 4, USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0 slots. MicroSD and also Mini HDMI out. D/C charging as well as a 9000mah electric battery.

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  1. FYI: Tak, i’m glowing red. Not sunburn, but baking in a hot room without Aircon (32+ degrees) And under hot lighting.

    1. I have one and it’s absolute garbage. Loud, and can hardly cool one room. So loud it must be turned off for when I’m recording.

  2. unfortunately tried everything, following you from over a year. bought LeMax2 due to your suggestion. unable to add entry so no winnings as usual


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