Perfect game mate! UMIDIGI F1 Gaming Test: PUBG & Asphalt 8

Your perfect game mate, #UmidigiF1! Here's the Asphalt 8 & PUBG Gaming Test. Global Sale at $199.99 on 7th Jan! Subscribe now and order at our web store then you can get a Uwatch for free (shipped with your F1) Subscribe now, Join the giveaway,
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Comment (31)

  1. I am definitely going to buy this phone cause it’s cheap. I think it’s better then buying honor 8x maybe? And I want all YouTuber review this phone this year.

    1. wait for the reviews, but i have already a umidigi z2 se and so far no problems, only updates are rare in compare but i dont give a **** xd

    2. Bro u can buy this phone no problem iam also buying.because it has stock Android and 5150 mah battery and fast charging support

  2. I wish company’s like this would do a credit purchase like £10 per month …..I am sure alot of people would take advantage of that,the smartphone looks great and I would love to do a YouTube review of it,but time lapse…..when it first arrives , a month after and 3months after…..

  3. อยากเป็นเจ้าของซักเครื่องนึง !.

  4. Rather strange comparison, don’t you think? I can fail even on UMIDIGI F1.
    But still. I think this is a great phone for this price – I have already paid for it. It will be a gift for my brother and I will make a review as soon as I get it and test it.
    As for me – I’m looking forward for S3 Pro with amazing camera!


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