Pepper Jobs GLX-UC2X Review (Gemini Lake N4100 Mini PC)

Pepper Jobs GLX-UC2X Review. This the best Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 mini PC reviewed. Fan cooled with higher power limits and great upgradability. Official site:

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Comment (33)

    1. Well depending on your needs a light server for example, low watt, low heat this would be fine. Light office PC needs etc if you want to run a large 4k60 monitor or TV and not have a big laptop in the way. But I get what you’re saying.

  1. TechTablets my gaming laptop has been hitting temps up to 100 degrees Celsius ever since the first day I bought it. Is it possible that I could physically damage my internals if I keep using it at these temps while gaming? Mostly tends to hit these high temps on excessive power hungry games like need for speed and gta 5.


    HP PAVILION Gaming 15t 2018

    – Core i5 8th gen
    -GTX 1050ti
    -1tb hdd
    -12gb ram

    1. +InfiniteLoopMight be the thermal paste, I dont think the fans are dusty since I just recently bought this brand new right out of the package.

    2. +Edmar100 I see, but depending on your environment it is possible for to become dusty quite quickly. Have you ever opened the case? Will this void your warranty?

    3. I used to play games on my laptop a lot, but not anymore(no more time for games).
      It’s laptop, it is normal to get that hot. You can do something that i did, and it will make your laptop a little cooler.
      Go to Control panel->Power options->Change plan settings->Change advanced power settings->Processor power management->Maximum processor state->Plugged in change to 99% or even 98% if that doesn’t hurt your performance. I did that many years ago when i played games, and it did not affect my performance in games, maybe 5% max, but did not notice that. Processor wont work at 100% so he will be cooler.
      You can put 100% again if that affect your games a lot, but i don’t think it will.

    1. Yes I did list it as a con, i feel it needs to be worked on. Maybe drop Windows 10 Pro to 10 Home. They could lower the price. or give us 8GB

  2. Well done! I am still considering another Zotac Nano. No fans, and they come barebones and can handle a 2.5 SSD and have 2 ram slots and a VESA mount and screws. But this one also looks great.

    1. Dude.Don’t do that. I got a beelink n4100. Really sucks.I don’t want to buy garbage just for saving 40 or 50 anymore.

  3. for $300 is expensive with only 4gb ram, and just intel uhd600 which still doesnt support hdr ( minimum 620 )
    so for mini pc, nuc still best value ?


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