P30 Pro Filming NASCAR – A Fail Or Win?

Huawei P30 Pro camera test filming the NASCAR Euro Series. Using that 5x optical zoom can you really can get decent footage at events like this? Did it fail? Or do you think it did a great job considering it's the first 5x optical camera? #NASCAR #HuaweiP30Pro Check my full review of the P30 Pro: Mi 9 Vs P30 Pro camera comparison:

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Comment (31)

    1. +Bigby Wolf samsung always lying us and selling the worst relation camera sensor & gpu in europe with exynos… with the same price that the great snapdragon + gpu + camera sensor and this time even with throttling problems… with samsung isocell the details in pictures are worse and the pictures are a bit dark in low light… come on Samsung! sell us the same mobile specifications in every country!

  1. I wanted to see just how the P30 Pro would handle events such as this, the camera was a huge win to get some great stills so close up. So yes it is awesome at stills from such a distance, but that camera for video! A lot of focus issues, panning stutter and exposure. A good 50% of my footage was ruined so out of some 20 videos I took about 10 are good and most with focus problems. And yes there is manual mode but trust me it was even worse!!!!
    Amazing feat the 5x optical camera for sure, just don’t expect miracles from it or be disappointed especially considering its price! I hope you liked this different video from me. No phone is perfect, but such a versatile set of cameras with this in your pocket is so handy.

  2. I never would of pegged you as a car guy! Good video! The GT-R is a great choice. Strange seeing Nascar in Europe…ok, I had no clue they even had a series out there. That ocus hunting sucks, but the audio was great, considering how loud it really is there!

  3. Thank you so much Huawei for the business class flight to NASCAR, 5-star hotel, VIP passes, and Nissan GT-R track ride for the day. Of course, that didn’t affect my views on this phone, not one bit not at all, why would it!

    JOKING!!!!!!!! It’s a joke people… But I bet you many believed it 😀 Remember to remind your fav Youtubers if they get a free flight, hotels and free phone that’s a form of payment. They really need to disclose this info and flag it as such in YouTube. Most don’t! Thanks for watching my video!

  4. The pictures are magnificent. The video…there’s several things wrong with it. Apart from the iffy focus, it stutters a bit and doesn’t feel natural. I found it tiring to watch.

    1. Yes, the video has bad panning stuttering it’s not fluid which is a shame. Never hits and holds 30 fps. But yes the camera still are great!

  5. Samsung’s better at videos. Even their recent A series has better videos than my Huawei mate. Huawei should seriously pay attention to their video quality. Hopefully they finally fix this with Mate 30 Pro, by then I’ll probably upgrade.

  6. those cars drive me crazy. love it. nice review. will not all phone made to be perfect. but still Huawei need to fixed that video problem. for 1k USD phone with video problem is a downside.

  7. Besides the stutter-iness, I am amazed by the picture quality . Phones for video are getting really good these days!

  8. Too many skipped frames looks horrendous, not expected from a $1000 flagship, not at all suitable for videography, but still great for stills.


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