OURA RING Accurate Activity and Sleep Tracker you Wear on your Finger: Extensive Review & Testing

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Tethering app:

Web Interface:

This is the ring you have seen me wearing for several months now. Yes, it has taken quite awhile to put this review together, and when you see what this think can do just sitting on my finger, you’ll understand why. I’ll let the review do most of the talking, but I will add that I am very pleased with the device. It works flawlessly, is a bit quirky syncing (I generally put the ring on the charger, start syncing, and take a shower in the morning), and is scratchproof and waterproof under just about all conditions, including a hot shower!

Here's the Extensive Review & Testing video of the Oura Ring:

Toward the end of the full video I mention two health bands which offer additional sleep information for heart health which you may want to consider in addition to this ring. Here are the links to the reviews of the i7E and V19 health bands:


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Comment (19)

    1. I haven’t settled on just one. I’ve been wearing the ECG bands with Lorentz scatter plot data recently to learn more about them. As for watches, I really like the Galaxy Gear S3 watches for using NFC payments when I’m out shopping. Folks think I’m really smart when I pay by watch. I am so looking forward to wearing the new LEMFO LEM T monster watch and checking it out when it gets here.

  1. can you please make a size comparison between Lemfo Lem X , Lemfo Lem4 and the newest Lemfo Lem T, in the future Lemfo Lem T review ?

    1. They have an exclusive at this point. There’s nothing like it on the market with temperature, heart rate, body position, pedometer, and a few other sensors, all wrapped in a tiny ring format with battery and Bluetooth for tethering. Probably worth the money, considering all the microminiaturization involved. Remember, it’s down to $250 with the special link discount: https://ouraring.com/partners/mrticks/

    1. Yea, I agree. For now it needs to be something added to a smartwatch channel as an alternative wearable. There are a very small number of actual “smart” rings so far. I’d love to see one with a tiny display that cycles through time, step count, heart rate, as well as collect all this data. Perhaps an Era Ring 3 someday! Having a battery that would fit in the ring along with a display and not need charging twice a day is a problem though.

  2. After a little research I have found that the American ring size chart goes up to 22.6mm. My finger is 31.4mm. Ooops! Lol. Nice anyway Mr Little Finger T sir. Danke.

    1. Haha, not that’s a “man’s” finger. Nothing wrong with using your little finger if you want. Short of that, you could consider a toe!

    1. SmartWatch Ticks 1 year ago.. 😛
      I ordered a kospet optimus pro 3GB 32 on the way.. should i cancel for the new kospet prime hahah !! :’(

    2. I thought so. Thanks! I don’t have the Prime yet, so I don’t know how it compares with the Optimus Pro. We’ll soon see though!


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