Oppo REALME 1 Full Review (F7 Youth Review) – More Than Meets The Eye

Today I bring you my Oppo REALME 1 Full Review Video. Oppo phones are getting better and Oppo Realme 1 or Oppo F7 Youth as it's known outside India is perhaps the fastest budget phone today. Faster than Redmi Note 5 and Snapdragon 636 thanks Mediatek Helio P60 performance powering the Oppo Realme 1/ F7 Youth.

Cameras, Battery Life, Gaming, Dispaly and Aesthetics of Oppo REALME 1 / F7 Youth are available in my full phone review video.

Great mobile phones on a cheap price are becoming a thing these days and Oppo Realme 1 / F7 Youth is a prime example how a phone can be as fast as expensive phones, have good cameras and make very little sacrifices on a $200 budget.

Oppo REALME 1 / Oppo F7 Youth Full Review Youtube Video in English.

Smartphone review video covering Performance, Battery Life, Cameras, Display, Gaming, Aesthetics and Value of Realme 1 / F7 Youth Budget smartphone by Oppo.

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  1. #100% real ????? hi my friend missed a huge amount of your videos due to unusual working. Thanks great review OPPO


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