OnePlus 7T Review – Just Get The T Models!

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  1. 01:08 – Build & Design
    03:50 – Screen
    05:13 – Audio
    06:28 – Performance
    08:16 – Battery life
    10:45 – Gaming
    11:51 – Camera & samples
    16:34 – Recap with Pros & Cons

  2. Great review, you really cover most of the bases. I’m really on the fence about getting the 7t (pro) or ROG II.. I’m on a OnePlus 3 right now so I do have a lot of experiene with OP phones. The one thing that is keeping me from buying the ROG II is the software (support). I really love oxygen OS bus Asus has stepped up their game in the software department too. What do you think?

  3. feels like Xiaomi is loosing phone by phone but by bit to competitors if I look over your 2019 reviews and sum it up. here it is a one plus there a real me and so on


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