Oneplus 7T Review – BUDGET iPhone 11 KILLER !

The new Oneplus 7T is here and here comes my Hands-On Review on this new android 10 Flagship Killer. Thanks to: *
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Comment (39)

    1. @TechMagnet ya bro I got into it’s on 18 oct !!!

      Am really like your all videos and your video making .

      A follower from small village in India !!

  1. Why do phone manufacturers copy each other 7 like mate 30 iPhone 11 like google pixel 4 no original ideas anymore makes them all look the same now boring really

  2. Different kind of review approach man! Keep it up! ?

    Looking forward to your full review and comparisons. May help me to decide if this smartphone will be on my shortlist…

  3. Iphone 11 killer.. Really? ?
    What IPhone 11 will sell in a quarter will be more than entire one plus sales combined in a year.


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