OnePlus 7 Review – Now For $479 It Makes Sense

OnePlus 7 Review & unboxing. Full in-depth review of the 8GB/256GB model with benchmarks, performance, battery life, gaming, and camera review. $479 USD/421 Euros with coupon BGOP78H here: that's 197 euros cheaper than buying it from Oneplus in the EU

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  1. $479 USD/421 Euros with coupon BGOP78H here:
    03:03 – Screen
    03:41 – ROM & Performance
    07:31 – Battery Life
    08:13 – Speakers & audio
    09:14 – Gaming (Fortnite)
    09:57 – Camera & samples
    12:55 – Video samples
    13:46 – Recap + Pros & Cons

    1. @jev eh Don’t be a fanboy, you know they’re better and cheaper. Please do some quick research on them if you’re unsure.

      They all have the same main camera, similar battery size, and Stock Android. The biggest difference is the price and the screens.

  2. Still, the zenfone 6 is more worth because, it has the lot of important features than the op7 like micro sd, audio jack, 5000 mah battery, flip camera many features, stereo speaker, radio fm, and DTS-X. While the OP7 has Amoled(with notch), UFS 3.0, clean oxygen os, and in fingerprint display. Which do you prefer?

    1. Xiaomi Mi 9
      Also comparing to others around it, it comes with a Samsung Super AMOLED HDR 10, DCI-P3 gorilla glass 6 year drop notch 6.4″ display.
      Wireless 20 watt charging, 27 watt quick charge 4.0
      48mp Sony IMX586 sensor, 16mp Sony ultra wide and a 12mp Samsung Telephoto camera. 20mp Selfie.
      Take pictures and video with the very best of them.
      Comes with a dongle 3.5mm to USB C adapter unlike OnePlus and Apple so you do have a headphone jack out the box technically.
      IR blaster, NFC, and a super slick design that actually gives good one handed response.
      LADC for Superior Bluetooth connection.
      The Mi 9 scores the highest on video performance with Dxomark which is kinda the standard setting camera/photo/video reviewer and rater.
      Battery life is great. It gets 11hrs SOT with ease.
      On average I get 8.5hrs SOT with a combined time of 16.5hrs before I recharge and never because it ran out but at that point it’s normally. Comparison on drain test it beats the Note 9 by more then a hour. It beats the S10e,S10,S10 5g and runs neck and neck with the S10+. Out last the OnePlus 7pro by more then 30 minutes. Truly it only really loses to gaming phones and the Huawei P30 pro beats it by 30+ min.
      So truly there is not much to not like about the Mi 9.
      I love the Mi 9 and for those saying MIUI sucks well the MIUI 10 seems fine to me and it has zero lag issues with good customization and that is from professional testers stating that it’s not only good in what I say but it’s professional tested as the best current UI out even beating out OnePlus’s OS 6!
      You won’t regret it if you make the leap. And starting around 450 US it’s a damn steal.

    2. @e hola you can get different ram and storage on both devices. And I’m not sure who that was directed at but every phone on this page has the option for higher ram and storage. 6/64/128 or 8/256 for the Zenfone 6
      Mi 9 6,64/128, 8, 128/256 or 12/256
      OnePlus 7 6/128 or 8/256
      7pro 6/128 , 8 or 12/256

    3. @Greg Williams But this video is about the Chinese version , 8+256 for 479$
      I don’t think you’ll able to get a ZenFone at that price .Not even the 64g base variant

    4. @e hola no they are on sale for 599 right now. I wouldn’t own one in the 1st place. The Mi 9 beats the OnePlus 7 and the Asus pretty handedly for less money.

  3. OnePlus is dead let’s not kid ourselves…no longer flagship killer, xiaomi, vivo etc are doing amazing job…not to mention the great A70

    1. I agree, 1+ is pricing itself out of the market compared with Xiaomi and other Chinese phone makers; it is surprising that Samsung is doing such a competitive job with the A series phones.

    2. It’s just the way OnePlus evolved and changed they can’t just stick to the flagship killer tactic, they have to become at some point a flagship themselves.

    3. Actually oneplus 7’s price is same with mi9 in china at same storage. Even they use faster ufs 3.0 and usb 3.0

  4. Great review and with that price you have what a OnePlus phone should be. Mid-range, excellent software and overall great cameras.

  5. I was 2 clicks away to buy it but got and Pixel 2 XL for 200 box and I couldn’t resist to the Pixel. No regrets

  6. ive been following ur channel recently and ur work is amazing man. not like others who all in all praise the fone or just ok ok the specs. their fancy video editing does not mean a great review. keep it up!

    1. K20 have non obstructive screen, better battery, and better price.
      So it is kinda no brainer to go OP7, maybe if u really hate MIUI u can pay that Oxygen OS Tax.

    2. @audy hakim you forgot to mention the touch issues, thats also a feature both poco f1 and k20pro have in common

  7. I still think the best overall deal on a Oneplus phone right now. About $50 cheaper than last year’s Oneplus 6T and almost $200 cheaper than the 7 Pro. Still no headphone jack though. ?‍♂️


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