OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Test Comparison

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4K Camera Test – OnePlus 7 Pro vss Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera – Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Triple Cameras, Portrait mode, Ultrawide camera and more.

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Comment (54)

    1. +RobberClobber I skimmed that video before watching this. I was hoping for a better test because he feels like he doesn’t want to get the phone killed, especially that 1 sec pop out camera test. I wish more something like testing it under 1 meter, test fall into the water with the pop cam out, pop cam underwater, etc.

    2. +Andron Schultz yeah I came across another one as well for like 30mins or something. Just search them because it seems like people are really trying to test it this time around.

    3. When u select the color mode for huawei to soft colours you keep the AI in the settings activated so when it detects a scene ur smooth setting goes away and it punches the colours anyway, you have to disable AI in settings for to be able to use smooth collies as you were trying to

    4. I saw somewhere that the firmware for the camera on the OP7 Pro is not yet the last one in the units that are out there, and OP Team will release a new firmware in a couple of days, it’s that true? (dxomark have the lastest firmware)

    1. +Gal Ingress Protection rating is a PAID certification. In no way does it actualy prove anything and or protect your device. Look at it this way…Its like studing for months for a test to get a cert in a career field, but you get the job based on the knowlegde you learned. A cert does not actualy prove anything. I work with people in tech everyday, most do not actually have the certs “required” for the job but their actual knowledge far excedes the cert. I’ve had phones that were IP67/68 rated but died quite quickly in fresh water! No Warranty will care if your phone has an IP rating or not… Dave does an entire review with it under water https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8AdxtkkQDo

    2. +VeryLongClaw HI, thanks for the reply. I’m well aware of it..
      I just don’t really trust the pop up selfie to be waterproof.. I would not dip my OP7P in water while I would have no problem doing it with an LG V30 for example.
      You have to have some standards to be able to pay for ip68 (I think). I don’t know what Oneplus did… Who knows..
      The test really doesn’t tell you anything.. It might die after 6 months due to water damage.

  1. All three cameras are nice. I prefer the S10 overall. The colours of p30 pro and one plus 7 pro are terrible in video mode btw. The red colour tones are too oversaturated.

    1. U can own 1…work hard play hard…once i was using nokia 3310 while ppl were using blackberry but now will be using samsung top classes before it hits the stores in my country…

    2. Aw man, I remember when I was at this point. Just keep grinding bro and keep your head on . Eventually you get to the point where the mid spec 7 Pro seems affordable. (also, don’t waste your money on a fancy PC like the guy suggested above)

    1. +Daniel Silveira google pixel 3 camera app you can download it on the internet just type gcam for galaxy s10 or what ever your phone is and make sure to check if the version is for exynos or snapdragon

    2. +Crazy limm ok thank you😊 I have S10 plus coming from S8 plus. Not getting S11 this changing phones every year are becoming silly and expensive 🤨

  2. Bro , I appreciate your hard work. But why does your channel grow so slowly ? I pray to God that you channel will start growing faster . 😇

  3. So Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a more consistent camera result than the other two, but OnePlus did a great job on theirs to considering the price is pretty low

    1. +Nazmul Hassan After looking at your comment, I exchange the currency from dollar to my countries currency and unexpectedly the S10+ is nearly the same price

  4. Arun, I really like your videos, but why are you using the Smooth color option on the P30 Pro? Why don’t you leave it in the Standard color mode?

    Obviously the colors look a lot worse (extra saturation and contrast) because of the Smooth color mode.

    Please, in the future use the Standard color mode.

  5. Great comparison review as always (plus a very cute Guy to look at, what’s not to like)! 😉😊👍🏼✌🏼
    (Even though I have the phone that makes photos “A blown out mess”…lol).

  6. S10+ is the All Rounder… How many of us actually go out @ night for photography? Its always the day time and the Vlogs😍

    1. You haven’t been in Finland I see. 😏 There’s like 7 days of light per year, and we call that special time summer. 😁 Rest of the year it’s dark, cold and wet. 🥶 Naturally, I’m exaggerating a little bit – but only a little bit 😉

    2. Night modes on phones may not only be useful in only the night time; they’re useful for indoor photography too where the artificial light isn’t really good. And to be honest, night times shots have a unique aesthetic to them which looks better than day time shots.

  7. Daylight image in samsung gives an outstanding performance than other both
    Its between p3o vs 7 pro at low light 🌃

  8. Hi, you shouldn’t use the smartphone holder/amount for those 3 smartphones to compare, it works likes a semi-stabilizer and not like a real hand hold. The balance is not the same. It’s so visible on the results.

  9. Very surprised how well OnePlus 7 Pro is keeping up! 🙂 I would have thought it was performing much worse, especially against S10+ and P30 Pro. Good job!


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