OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus / iPhone XS Max / P30 Pro / Xiaomi Mi 9 Battery Life DRAIN TEST

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Battery life drain test of the 2019 OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max vs Huawei P30 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9…Which Smartphone has the best battery life?

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Comment (73)

    1. +Robert Philpot
      I agree with you because when he runs the last app for s10 plus at sot 6.11 antutu app ,he don’t let the antutu app on p30 pro with xaiomi to finish too see how much percentance still remains,also p30 pro the king has serious problem with thermal throttling…

  1. You should also include s10 5g model in battery drain test…..include it in the charging test….

    1. It’s his daily driver (I think) so he probably won’t do that unless he buys a new one dedicated for battery drain tests. Cause the more you discharge and recharge the more the battery degrades

  2. I am literally impressed by one plus 7 pro and u r my inspiration for creating great quality content for viewers so THANK YOU 😊

    1. What’s the use of downscaling resolution to full HD if oneplus is bragging about the quad HD 90 hz display feature as a selling point?

    2. +MD R u can still have fhd+ and 90Hz and Ithink most people with knowledge will use that version, I don’t need 2k res and I don’t know why people need, you can’t see any pixel at FHD

  3. Great video. I knew that OnePlus 7 pro won’t perform excellent job in battery life so the result is acceptable for me. And please do the real life battery life test!! thxs!

    1. +sanjay raj i know this was for the fanboys saying that “you have turned on 90hz thats not fair”

    2. +SHAROOZ CR7 yeah. Then whats the point having 90hz display when anyone dont want to use it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. OnePlus might bring a dynamic refresh rate in a future update. Of course the test at QHD, 90hz is not representative of daily usage. Anyone who knows what they’re doing will not watch a 1h 1080p YouTube video on a QHD res at 90hz (as an example) That’s willingly throwing battery away just for being lazy to switch settings.

    1. He SHOULd have had the snapdragon version. I saw bunch of tests that add around 50 minutes to its battery….

    2. nope the deference between them are not huge but when you make a call snapdragon is more officiant. the source phonebuff

    3. It’s quite the same in terms of continous usage, but where the exynos really falls apart is in mobile data standby

  4. Is it possible to test OnePlus 7 Pro battery test like this: 1440p 90hz vs 1440p 60hz vs 1080p 90hz vs 1080p 60hz

  5. The iPhone is the first to shut down and it takes the longest time to charge 😑 wtf even …hatsoff iPhone users for using it .

    1. Hey, who is complaining about iPhone charging speeds?? My SE charges in an hour; give or take a few mins. With my ipad charger… my ipad never dies on the other hand….

    2. I just love everyone is arguing on iPhone vs Android look I ain’t going to rot any fanboys out here I respect your opinions but I gotta state some facts for example the only phone with 120hz refresh rate display is the razer phone with an IPS LCD screen and I know it sounds far-fetched but hear me out the iPhone has 120hz but not as a Refresh Rate but as Touch Refresh Rate although it sounds similar it is actually way off you see Touch Refresh Rate is what makes the iPhone feel smoother and responsive when scrolling through apps or maybe just the home screen but Refresh Rate is what makes take example the Razer Phone feel snappy and agile. We all know Androids vs iPhone will never end you apple fanboys will never stop grudging over the word “android is cheap” same goes for you android fanboys who will never stop grudging over the word “android is better” but seriously y’all gotta chill don’t be that much off a fanboy just relax if you find what others say about your phone offensive tell them nicely and not compare specs cause it’ll only make matters worst. I hope people who actually read this (you fanboys) will start to learn to respect others interest and not force others to choose said brand

    3. Muhammad Affarel I’m not a fanboy of any brand, but you’re right, each person as is own opinion, each person like what they like

    1. J J that’s a lie. And I’m an iPhone guy. It’ll just take a lot longer to get a new phone if your Android breaks lol. But the plus side is, it’ll be cheaper. Apple will bend you over if you’re out of warranty

    2. 31++ mah baterry iphone , only 15 minute different with 4000mah op7… for me it quiet impresive..

    3. alucard kaizokudan not really. That’s an even bigger embarrassment. The new screen the Pro uses, uses a ton more battery. And it still beat the iPhone lmao

    1. It’s all about flexibility.
      You can skip the feature when you need to save battery.
      U can decide either u need performance or battery life.

    2. When I get this phone I will never watch YouTube in 90hz as the content doesn’t go that high.. so yes this test is totally needed. Especially nowadays with ITTT app, where you can pretty much set anything for your liking and automate the settings change

    3. +Raphael Mateus Martins Oneplus said they’re working on an update that will scale refresh rate down automatically in certain apps


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