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Obi Worldphone, the company started by former Apple CEO John Sculley, is adding a new phone to its lineup for emerging markets. The MV1 is an unlocked, dual-sim LTE smartphone with a 5-inch display that can run either Android 5.1 Lollipop or Cyanogen OS.

Recently, the tech industry has been full of talk about the "next billion" people coming online. Obi itself released two phones last year that were squarely aimed at this market. But instead of selling supremely modest phones at bargain bin prices, like Mozilla once tried, Scully wanted to offer high-touch design at an affordable, if not completely cheap, cost.

"In other parts of the world where mobile phone usage is still on the rise, especially with a younger audience, there's this big gap between what people have the means to buy and what they aspire to own," Robert Brunner tells The Verge. Brunner is the founder of Ammunition, which helped design the Beats Pill+ for Apple and is the design firm behind Obi's phones. "What you do have access to [in emerging markets] is pretty derivative, cheap stuff, in this sort of sub-$200 range."

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Comment (34)

  1. Why does it use Plastic and has a very bad Design.It’s from an Ex-Apple Chef so it should have good materials

    1. +demonstructie But there are other phones in this price range that have metal bodys.. But your argurment is true why must apple make all accesories and their iPhones so overpriced

    2. its a phone meant to be sold in EU, regulations , tax etc are so expensive that it comes up to 150 to make profit. directly from china with those specs i guess it would be alot cheaper. But well no warranty and no support then.. or atleast crap support.

    3. +Techmagnet Ok you are right. But you can also get some China Phones on Amazon and Amazon has a good service warranty becuase I ordered a China Phone once and had no problems with warranty. And what i’d like to ask I’ve seen you using an iPhone in your videos is it your daily driver?? I thought you hated iPhones?? Aber warum red ich mit dir eigentlich Englisch ?? LG aus Kärnten

    4. +Jan Tragbauer (JanoschPlaysMc) True I ordered an Ulefone Power from china and it has better specs than this AND a metal frame. However it felt way too large and cumbersome in my hands. I currently have a Motorola Moto G which is great. Not a spec monster but decent performance and all plastic construction but the shape and feel is great and it’s only 150 euros.

  2. Hi bro do you mind sharing how you record the videos, manual or auto focus and other settings. Also what camera/lense do you use ?


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