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0 super nippy file, storage, five thousand milliamp battery and full liquid coolant and fan support to keep things from heating Up too much now, I've been doing an awful lot of game, one for likes pub G mobile here on the red magic 3s for the last couple of days and I've got to see it I'm, absolutely smitten at that price, it's, unbelievable here's, my full gaming review For the red magic 3s, including the performance battery life for benchmark and all of the good stuff and from on the latest and greatest tech, please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now. First up, like basically every game and smartphone out there, the red magic 3s is an absolute beast, is constructed from Mel, so it's, nice and durable. That helps to give it a nice, 215 gram heft as well. The six point: six five inch build means you'll, definitely feel it when you're doing your game and it's an absolute handful and, of course, what kind of given smartphone would it be with other monetary or gb light display around back you've got full customization over when those Rgb lights kick into life, you can do them, while you're gaming, I think flash for notification alerts while you're on calls all kinds of stuff and the red magic 3s has a salt curvature to the rear end as well, which makes it a little bit more comfortable To grip, but thankfully the actual display itself is perfectly flat.

I thought displays are, of course perfect for gaming, because if you've got curved edges, it means that some of those far reaching touch controls can be a little bit tricky to push no problems with that here. Also actual screen itself it's a six point: six five inch: AMOLED it's, a full HD plus resolution sort of quality like some of the top end premium; gaming phones, but you still got 388 pixels per inch, so it's perfectly crisp for all of your game and needs And you've also got full edge to your support as well I'm, actually playing pub G mobile here on those HDR detail levels and, of course, like all good game and smartphones. The red magic 3 also supports a 90 Hertz refresh rate, especially great, considering that law asked in price, so everything just looks silky smooth when you claim the likes of pub G mobile. As you can see, there helps a lot, of course by the grip frame rate. As well, so you definitely won't miss any of the action and that all looks absolutely superb, but even better invaluable for games like pubsey mobile is the 240 Hertz touch response rate. So, as you can see as soon as I'm touching the screen any little swipes pokes. Pods, when you're touching those touch buttons, everything you'll see the action replicated in game immediately nordley, as you would expect from a game and smartphone as well. You get a stereo speaker output here on the red magic 3 as well, so meteors pops out of the earpiece, as well as the bottom mounted mono speaker there as well, which is absolutely crucial for a game like pub G mobile, where you need to know exactly What direction the threats coming from you can hear quite clearly on here, which darts and footsteps are coming from, for instance, when you're in a building, something like that full DTS X, support and everything as well.

Now you do also have a headphone jack up top as well, if you want to plug in a pair of headphones and get on with it that way, instead, you've got someone sneaking up on me now, actually hear them running around the outside of the house or Coming through nice and clear and there they are the cheeky well sods jump down and surprisin boom. You got a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of storage here on the red magic, 3s and it's. The list nippy ufs 3.0, as well as I've, cleared the memory. All of the apps have been shut down now, we're just gon na try. It learn up Pub G, seen exactly how long it takes. Okay, let's go and there you got less than 20 seconds and you're into pub G mobile, nice and nippy that's part of the specs core. You really can't go wrong with the red magic 3s. Despite the fact, it costs about half as much as a lot of other game and smart phones. You get Qualcomm slitters, Snapdragon, 855 plus chipset in there, which packs a 15 GPU boost compared with you or the snap, trying it 55 and that's, backed by either 8 or 12 gigs of ram and for full disclosure. This is the 8 gig RAM model that I'm using for my tests now to really test the red magic 3 s's metal. I decided to get a bit of pubsey more while on the go using the game bench benchmarking software now.

First up, I start pop G. More well on the very top pitch to your detail levels and, of course I set the framerate to maximum, and with that done, I dove into a couple of games and checked out the results the game bench churned out. The good news is that it was absolutely fantastic performance through and through, as you can see here with game bench, had a pink CPU usage reported on red magic 3s, a 37.5 SAR not even close to that maximum love and the average was just under 18, so Pump G mobile barely tested this thing at all and, of course, the frame rate. A very important factor indeed remain perfectly consistent throughout it, basically stuck to 60 frames per second, the whole time, no matter whether I was bombing across the landscape in a vehicle involved in an intense gunfight, whatever they've got small scheme and smartphones these days come with a Dedicated gaming UI is welcome. You fast access to all of your titles and adding a whole bunch of extra features and you've got that the game space 2.1 feature which can be activated with a quick flick of this little switch on the side. Here. Love that thing. Every time now from within here, you can pair up with some of newbie as dedicated gaming. Accessories such as this here red magic handle just to give you a proper physical thumb, stick and buttons once you're, actually any game, you can pull out the game's fist toolbar at any point, with a quick swipe from the right edge like.

So this adds all kinds of grit or features to your games. Suppose you've got the auto mode which basically just regulates your resources, make sure the game's got plenty of all that going on, but that's fierce for the Snapdragon, 805 plus plus, and at least eight gigs of ram you're gon na have no worries there. Anyway, it's got the new 4d shock feature as well, which basically just adds some really strong. Haptic rumble effects to your game, you're, really feeling the likes of punchy mobile. When you're blasting away with your rifle, you can toggle the fan on or off as well. If you like, if you need that little bit of extra assistance for cooler than the smartphone and, of course, you've got usual notifications block and very helpful indeed, and you can record your session for posterity as well, if you want to upload to YouTube whatever just short Everyone Cap'n a lot of Falls good stuff and, as you can see, you can actually get direct readout on the thorns current temperature, CPU usage, GPU usage and even the network usage as well or great. If you're a bit of a stats junkie like as some other given smartphones like the wrong form to here on the road magic, three you've got two capacitive touch sensitive, shoulder buttons up here at the top edge and you can map those to whatever commands you want. In game, all you got to do is drag up.

The toolbar got a touch button. So, as you can see here, you've got the left shoulder button and the right shoulder button as well. You can obviously set the vibration on or off so I'm gon na. Have the right one do shoot in the left, one do airman and that just means you've got a fiddle around with less touch buttons in the middle of a game feels a little bit more responsive. No there you go any example of the shoulder buttons working perfectly. There they do actually get proper haptic feedback when you touch those shoulder pads as well. So it feels a little bit more, like you're punching actual buttons there's, not really any kind of delay in between you tapping the pad and feeling that haptic feedback for sure it's. Not quite as good as the rokform 2 and the like, because it doesn't actually feel like it's resonating from those shoulder areas. It'S kind of is a vibration effect rumblin for the entire phone itself, that's for the battery life. Well, you get MIT 5000 million cells stuffed inside of the red magic through yes and while that's certainly nice and spacious. Unfortunately, I did notice a 24 percent drop in battery life per hour, while gaming I'm punching more about non stop. So that gives you just over four hours in tall, if you're given and not plugged in, thankfully, you can buy an accessory called the magic adapter which basically shifts the USB type c charging port to the rear.

End of the smartphone you can then plug in and actually charge up the smart phone and completely unhindered, while gaming and because you've got that eating what fast charge. And that means the basically game indefinitely. As long as the thing is plugged in and of course, with all this power stuffed inside of that metal, shell it's great to see that Nubia hasn't skimped when it comes to the liquid coolant you've got a heat pipe built in there, as well as an internal Turbo fan as well complete with redesigned vents compared with the old magic 3. So the end of an intense half hour, a gaming session here on pub G mobile, had the file that we're in a way the entire time we're also had before not plugged in. So it was taken on choice that helps to heat up the phone while you're gaming, so, as you can see after yet another intense gaming session on podgy mobile, the core temperatures risen. No more than 37 degrees in the back of the phone did start to get a little bit toasty, but again, nothing too troublesome, certainly didn't notice any performance glitches or anything like that, and the fan is just about starting to calm down a little bit. It was wearing away for a good couple of minutes after the game in session finished, but again, nothing too audible, nothing that you can actually hear over, obviously, the gunfire and music and all that good stuff that's.

All that right. There is why I think the red magic 3s is definitely the best value game in smartphone that you can pick up right now in 2019, go check out my reviews at the likes to the rogue phone and those more premium devices. If you want a little bit extra on top, but definitely this does more than what you need for the money. So thanks for watching everyone, don't forget to poke, subscribe and ding.

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