No.1 D5 AMAZING Smartwatch Unboxing and 1st Look

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This is coming really close to my Dream watch. The new D5 from No.1 is BOTH a tethering watch to connect via Bluetooth with your phone for notifications, etc., AND a standalone smart watch phone, which can use it's own SIM for it's own phone number. It also supports the Google Play Store, the "OK Google" thing, and much more. FINALLY a watch that can tether and standalone. Welcome to 2016!

No.1 watches are available from Gearbest through the following links (which supports our efforts to bring you these reviews):

No.1 S6,
No.1 D6, with a promo price $70.99
No.1 D5, with a promo price $98.99

I'm still gathering information to post here, like other watches that behave like this one, links for purchasing, etc., so check back in this section in a few days. If you haven't yet, you're invited to subscribe to this channel. There will be several more videos coming out soon on this watch, and, hopefully, some guest reviewers telling us about their latest watches as well.

UPDATE: See the 2nd video in this series for the complete listing of information and links for this watch:

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    1. +Alan Townsley Very exciting news!!! I’ll go have a look. If you have a link, please post it. YouTube may flag it for me to review, but I’ll gladly approve it and place it here for all to see. I would love to give this a try. There are many watch faces already, but the prospect of adding more custom ones is very appealing. Why do I feel like we are on a rocket ship to Mars with this watch. Hmmmmm.

    1. +William Lorne Bingo! NO, it doesn’t have but the 4gb. After accounting for the OS, there’s 2GB left. However, with fingers crossed, I’ve been able to download many critical apps and have plenty of room left over. It’s not a flagship phone replacement, but it is a very decent watch. With no camera/video onboard, and with tethering and WiFi links for acquiring and streaming music, I’m not all that concerned (yet) about living within 2GB or memory. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s true. I may be over excited at the moment. We’ll see after I’ve had more time to fiddle with it.

    1. +sonia sophie ataunna
      thank you for everything really and i have orderd gzpax s82 because it just has everything also easy keyboard access. thank youuuuuu sooo much really helped so much

  1. great video as always…i know this watch supports a SIM card but before I buy it, can I connect it to my phone through bluetooth to answer calls and read notifications? thanks

  2. Hi, how does it compare to the ZGPAX S8? What is better about it? I would also like to know how the size compares. I struggle to get my ZGPAX S8 to fit under shirt cuffs.


    1. +robman80808 I’ll probably do a comparison video soon. You bring up good questions. I think the D5 is better and thinner to fit under your cuffs. There’s no camera, so that saves some space.

  3. can you do a video showing the notifications showing on the watch and show if i can respond to SMS. Please and Thank you

    1. +Napoleon Calderon It doesn’t work well on the basic watch. Lots of folks are trying to find a good alternative. If something comes up that works well, I will do a video on notification tethering.

  4. Hi, U r doing an amazing work. In love wid all of ur videos & wid dis amazing watch too. One request from u, can u make a video about the No1 G3 smartwatch. Would be greatful of u if u do so. Thanks. Keep up the gud work. 🙂

    1. +Arshad Mubeen Thanks Arshad! Glad you enjoy the videos. I’d love to do a video on the No.1 G3 for you. I just need No.1 to send me a sample to use in a video. If you (and anyone else reading this who would like to see this G3 reviewed) could send an email to No.1 suggesting they send me a sample, and that you want to see a detailed review before you buy, that might motivate them to send me one. With over 600,000 views on this channel now, it is in the best interest of watch makers to send in their latest watches for review. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Here’s the link to No.1 sales: http://en.001phone.cn/contact-8.html

  5. if connected to your phone , can you make calls using voice recognition. Also is there an always on option for the watch face?

    1. Sorry, no to both your questions. Not supported on these Android stand alone watches. You need to look at tethering watches and watches like the Pebble.

    1. +SmartWatch Ticks
      yes the price is amazing as well £82 and I’ve ordered a sim for £4 p/m great compared to main line brands they are much more fun my old watch is the Sony smart watch 2 nice but poor display and boring compared to These Eastern watches

  6. and by the way I love reviews
    nice and simple clearly describing the models and great sound and video keep it up Mr Tick

  7. Is it possible to get google calendar / agenda notifictions on this watch ? If not,could you recomend a watch who that does ? Thx a lot for your nice rewies.

  8. good day to you
    i would let you now that you can buy separate loading dox for the d5 on alibaba web (china)
    hope i help you with this.
    you helped me alot with my d5 thanks

  9. Hey smart watch ticks- have you had a problem when the device is in silent mode it won’t vibrate? Any solutions if you have? Cheers.

    1. Double check you settings to make sure vibration is enabled. It should work. If you can’t find a setting for it, install the app Settings Search and explore around using that app.

  10. What are the best android apps that will work on a round screen? I think about the amount of apps that are designed for android wear.

  11. so it is dual mode? because in the description of the video you said that this is a standalone and tethering smart watch

    1. No, sorry, by dual mode I mean you can make phone calls through your watch either with a SIM card in your watch or using Bluetooth through your phone. You cannot do that last part with any Android watch yet, which is why all Android watches are referred to as standalone.

    1. Absolutely! It’s the Ticwatch E. To find all my reviews of it, in the YouTube search box just put “smartwatchticks ticwatch e” and you’ll see the basic review along with some comparison videos. Enjoy!


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