Huis Smartphones Facebook trucs die iedereen zou moeten gebruiken!

Facebook trucs die iedereen zou moeten gebruiken!

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Facebook Tricks/ Hacks in 2017 – Every person needs to be attempting these Facebook suggestions, techniques and concealed features on Android. This includes various other Android Apps (and also iOS applications) that strengthen Facebook on mobile phones

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    Well my teacher told the class that the class is doing the video tech project(Tech youtubers and why they are your idol)and of course the first thing pop up my head is mrwhosetheboss so the next day,when the teachers to told us to prepare the video and when it my turn i simply show mrwhosetheboss video the teacher ask me why i simply answer you want honest and quality video,i than elaborate on why mrwhosetheboss is my idol and even though he got so much hate he still continue to move foward presude his dream of becoming a succesful youtuber(which he already achived it)and the next thing you know i passed(reached 2nd in class).Moral of the story when you want tech videos always seek the best,obviously mrwhosetheboss is the one i am referring to. #Legitstory


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