Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 & G30D 65km eScooter First Look! IFA19

Hands-on with the Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 65km range 25km/h max eScooter from Segway Ninebot and the German G30D version.


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    1. Singapore has a lot of these scooters too, and I’m actually agreeing with what the Germans are doing as well. Maybe it’s ok if you’re the only one in your neighbourhood who has it, but once the population grows and society goes towards more car-lite, more regulation for these will be needed. We’ve a fair number of the population who’re calling for an outright ban, and I’d rather have regulations like these instead of a ban.

    2. @La page mobile Oh I was talking about the drivers. I live nearby a touristic city and we had the same problem: Companies put scooters for rental on the streets. Local government ordered that they should be removed. They didn’t listen. Scooters were seized. Problem solved 🤔

    3. I am German too. It is all a question of progressive politics. But as we have conservative and progress-critical politicians sitting in the government like our traffic minister Andreas Scheuer, we are all happy about the fact that driving an e-scooter was legalized at all. Hopefully there will be change someday, but only with a more progressive government that has to be elected of course, and that is not so easy regarding the typical progress critical attitude of some part of the German society.

    1. @MONST3R E-Mobility und PV Yes, thats is indeed a big problem in Germany. I am happy about the fact, that at least my own party (I am member at the FDP) is trying to bring along a progressive legislation concerning e-scooters and resembling vehicles.

    1. Yes, but it’s also sad. On the other hand, i wonder how other countries handle the piles of corpses created by the evil escooter drivers.

    1. Its the Self-healing sealant meaning that you won’t have to worry about any punctures from ruining your Max’s tyres anymore.

  1. Can’t wait to upgrade my existing Xiaomi branded m365 to the Ninebot MAX! Those tubeless 10″ inch tyres + the long range will make my commuting life better for me hehe! 😁🛴

  2. Great looking Scooters ☺
    They make these for adult kids too! 😯 just kidding
    Awesome scooters, thank you for explaining them to us☺

  3. In Australia, anything over 200W needs license plate and full on motor vehicle registration. Hell will break loose if police decide to start cracking people dowb

    1. @Hurileno with bicyle you have some system of driving, they don’t go “everywhere”…with scooters in my country i don’t know from where it can come, pedestrians can’t alway look around for this kamikazes……more then 200 injuries already….in a country with 2 mio people

    2. Tadej Danev Well then, that’s because bicycles have been well regulated just because of how long they have existed. Electric scooters are a fairly new industry disruptive technology, so legislature is going to lag behind the rate of innovation happening in the space. Electric scooters should not be banned, but be promoted and regulated. Plus, they’re far more economically viable for a good amount of people, while being convenient, especially compared to a car.

    3. Just to add a bit more, 200 injuries in a population of 2 million is a very small minuscule fraction.
      I bet that there have been more people injured just by putting on their pants in their bedrooms lol

    4. people still buying it, and this number will rise till somehow gets killed and then nobody will be at fault. not to mention people will get more and more lazy and stop walking or using bicyle aka not exercise anymore. we have by far too much cars, around 1.2 for a 2mio nation…..

    5. Tadej Danev yeah it’s true that the general population might get more lazy as they start deciding to use scooters instead, but what’s more likely to happen is that people would move from driving cars to getting these scooters instead. A bike user won’t necessarily just dumb their bike for a scooter, but a car owner would be more tempted to get a scooter instead.


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