New Sennheiser Momentum 3 Review – TOP Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones !

The new Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless active noise cancelling Headphones are here. Here is my full Review *
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Comment (42)

    1. i counted 5 times was so funny once you watch the video back and listen out for it…bettina must of been dying with laughter #Iamstupid

  1. Super awesome headphones! I think they’re probably the best, IMO! Sure, a lot will argue. I had the pleasure of borrowing my friends HD 660 S for few days. Also Steven, you ought to make a video on that scooter someday. Is it Mi scooter?

  2. Definitely headphone of the year. I’ve had the Nuras, and Sony Xm3s. These have the best sound by far. Anc isn’t where the Sony’s and Bose are yet but that is just a firmware upgrade away. First firmware already improved call quality tremendously.

    1. true that. I love the anti pressure mode… I can live with less good ANC, as i dont care about a little bit of ambient sound. Sound performance is AWESOME !

    1. @TechMagnet I really like it! I own the Sony XM3 too. Yet, since my Momentum 2 isn’t the wireless one, I am using it at home mainly.

  3. Just found your channel as I was looking for other reviews of the Momentum 3s. I truly appreciate you adding real world analysis in your review, not just a theoretical review of specs.
    I also get ear pressure from ANC headphones, probably because I had a perforated ear drum in my teens. So this air pressure mode is really interesting. Also I have a pair of the Sennheiser 600s and I enjoy the Senn SQ. ??

  4. sennheiser’s are the dogs bollocks i have a pair of the HD-6XX’s from massdrop bloody brilliant studio quality headset also OVER THE EAR…LOL…but the sound seperation and quality…easilly the best headphoners i have ever owned and they can take so much power can push them with my shitt stack dac/amp to tremedous levels without loss of quality

    1. @TechMagnet have never had the chance to use AKG’s yet,am currently in the process of falling in love with IEM’s…they are fucking awesome

  5. Great review!
    It seems that Sennheiser put more effort on the Momentum 3 model than the PXC 550-II one compared with their previous versions.


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