NEW BMW 3 Touring 2019 G21 and BMW 1 Series 2019 – TESTED!

Here is the new 2019 BMW 3 Touring Series! It’s bigger, with more high-tech gadgets and looks amazing. Join me on a technical review of the BMW 330i and BMW M135i in Salzburg.
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Comment (22)

    1. Yea the M135i has now a 4 cylinder instead of the sixpack, but still feels pretty good. But too bad it doesnt have the 6cyl sound :D, sounds quite different

  1. that was awesome….but what we wanna know…1) is there a hybrid version…2) is there an all electric version…..3) how big a sound system can i fit in the boot…LOL….4) will there be an ‘M’ version

    1. There is a hybrid version coming for 2020. No electric so far as i know yet. Hahahaha i woulf guess 4 jbl woofers ??? and yes there is an m version.

    2. @TechMagnet 100% change out all the door speakers as well harmon kardon are nice but would need something that could take a more powerful head unit as i would use the head unit to power the mid’s and high’s would then try to fit 2 nice 15’s as well as a power amp into that boot space…LOL

  2. Guys my whole camera gear and notebook has been stolen on the journey, so i had to film with my Huawei P30 Pro…. Sorry for the video quality, new videos will be better, just got a new sony a7 iii from Sony Austria… but I’m still soo pissed 🙁


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