Mystery Unboxing from OPPO.

A Mystery Smartphone Unboxing from Oppo…
The Smartphone is available at Carphone Warehouse:
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My Filming Gear:

Music is from Epidemic sound, and HomageBeats:

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    1. im spaming everywhere so i can get my video to 1 billion views im not a robot i swear im a human look i put emojis ☠

    1. Aha true i was there and oppo and vivo is like the big deal there, not just there its really popular in Asia

      Love Philippines tho.

    2. Same here in Singapore… Oppo has become a norm amongst the crowd with the likes of Apple Samsung Huawei (yes Huawei is still popular despite the current situation and people are still buying from stores even when there’s no price drop)… I was initially reluctant to switch to Oppo after using only Japanese brands Android smartphone from Sharp Fujitsu NEC Sony, but since most of my work phones were iPhones and Japanese phones support were scarce, I decided to go for an Oppo for its iOS-like interface so I won’t get headaches using both an iPhone and an Android phone at the same time for work and personal…
      Sadly it’s sister brands Vivo and OnePlus seemed to not catch on here…

    1. @Narendra narayan singh lol, no bro, it must have been a mistake. It was your mother though thats how you are here! Peace ✌️

    2. @Shaban Shoukat no no bcz i think your mother become pregnant like this and so u are borned alike who says these nonsense.

    1. Thanks for the tips guys 🙂 I’ll look into it. I’d agree pixels are great performers in photography.

    2. @Stalin Ir Download the Gcam on it and you will get much better pics. Anyways the pixel may have better shots in normal mode, but it doesn’t have that 10 times zoom technogy. also the pixel 4 isn’t going to be out until 6 months and is gonna be priced at least 999$

  1. It’s really interesting how Arun’s videos are just like the Oppo Reno camera.

    Crisp, just like the detail and the clarity of the camera, Unique unlike anything else, and the reviews go deep, just like the zoom.

  2. Great video as always. Pre ordered the 10x version, buying it for the camera centric build and design.


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