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If you're cool with emulating the upcoming Mac Pro, if that's, what you're looking for so that's, what it's called it's called the doom case Pro this is the other front panel, the front panel that's stirred up all the attention is probably pre installed, but for whatever reason They give you the option for two separate front panels. Now I don't know, maybe you want to keep it a bit. Retro aluminum can be very solid construction. You see the anodized look to it depending on what you order via indiegogo. You can pay a little extra. I think it's, like 80 bucks, if you choose to have the different look anyhow, the main attraction is in here now it is a standard ATX case. In fact you can, it can fit extended, ATX all the way down to mini ITX. So you could do all kinds of different builds in here and because it's universal, you get to pick your components completely it's fully DIY. I can see this being popular for the hackintosh community as well. I actually try to boot into Mac OS on what would typically be Windows. Hardware. I'M, just I assume there's still a community mm, hmm I've done it. This one has the new cheese. Grater is what you're expecting to see on the new Mac Pro there. It is that actually doesn't look too bad in person. Well, it gives us almost like an early look at the new Mac Pro as well, because it is going to look exactly like you know what that does kind of look cool with this little space age it's like each cutout, has a series of three inside of There this is removable, so I suppose what happens here is you can pull this off? I guess yeah that pulls off completely like this.

I have been told that this also somehow helps a little bit with sound, but if you prefer the old school look, that gives you a look at how the chassis is going to show up. If you go with this ball, you see there's a couple of different mounting locations for front case fans: okay, that's, just a solid, pretty standard location for a motherboard installation. As I mentioned earlier, ATX motherboards gon na fit in there EA TX down to Mini ITX. You also have a tremendous number of mounting potential for your other hardware. You have two cages over here. You can also mount hard drives below in this part of the cage. When you remove the other side, five separate mounting points for SSDs in here. You can remove these cages, let me go ahead and try actually, maybe I should there – we go yeah, so these are removable. Maybe you want to install a really large graphics card to span the entire unit. You'Ll see you have also a pretty large area for a power supply that's, something you're gon na wan na have. This is a like a fairly expensive case. Obviously, so you have space for a large power supply. Okay, our look at the SSD mounting points 3.5 inch hard drives, of course, have tremendous amounts of storage these days, so I could probably get away with a couple there, a handful of SSDs over here and we're cooking. This is one area that's, probably gon na be different than the eventual Mac Pro when it comes out to USB type c connectors and a power switch up on the top of the unit.

I don't think that's happening on the new Mac Pro on the Apple Mac. Pro the new Mac Pro in this location up here, there's like a spinning handle, which once twisted removes the side panel, you lift up so it's a they have an elegant implementation. They also have an elegant price to go with it. Yes, can we get a starting price on the upcoming Mac Pro? Will he do? Did they tell us officially, I don't recall yeah 10 15 grand you can spec it easy I'm certain. So anyhow, I was actually kind of goofing on these feet. They look so much like IKEA furniture. You got ta, you got ta. Tell me if you see the resemblance anyhow, the interesting part on this particular case. I can't speak for the Mac Pro because I'm, not sure if they're gon na. Do it this way or not, but on this case these can unscrew, as you can see, and so apparently you're going to be able to replace these with casters if you choose to from actual IKEA, you see that well, I was onto something: can you really that's What Doon case I said do in case Proctor, so it could be useful to have this thing on wheels. Kick it around the the production facility, the opportunity to water cool it, and yes, of course, you can do that there's plenty of mounting potential limit. The number of fans in there you could do a water cooling set up a water cooled hackintosh build look it's the Doon case Pro I don't know how upset Apple is, I presume, they're fairly upset, but maybe it's just a case.

I don't know kind of as a preview for the new Mac Pro because I feel like I'm in its presence. I can I can't imagine what it would be like to have one just by examining this case right here. So it seems to me this product is going to encourage a lot of people to do their very own Mac. Pro ish builds, and I guess, to bring the Windows community and hackintosh community into the fold at a fraction of the Mac Pro price tag there.

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  1. I was actually very excited to see some cheese get grated by a large cheese grater. That’s a good technology idea.

    1. Actually no everyone has been calling it the cheese grater ever since the Macpro that came before the trashcan, Apple users included. That’s probably why Apple made it like this again so it could retain its famous nickname.

    1. that was a very lame joke if you don’t have a joke why just lose the low reputation you have trying to make yourself cool
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