Minecraft 1.8 Hacked Client : Cyanit ! – Mineplex PVP Killer [HD]

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Hi and welcome to another hacked client review video 🙂 Today we will take a look at the Cyanit hacked client for minecraft 1.8 coded by yellowlight2

► Hacked Client Download 1.8 – 1.8.x

auto installer 1.8:

auto installer 1.7:

Manual download:



Written tutorial:
1)Open Minecraft Folder ( Hit start and type %APPDATA% and hit enter — search for .minecraft folder)
2)Open version folder
3)Create folder wit name of the hack
4)Put Jar and Json file in there ( If you got no json file copy the json file from 1.6.2 folder)
5)Rename the Jar and Json file to the same name like the Folder !
6) Open the json file with notepad
7) Edit the ID to Name of the folder
8)Open Launcher
9)Create new / edit Profile
10)Go to use version and select the hacked Client
11) load up the Profile and start minecraft


Error fix by Bigorca312:
1: If you get a "Could not find or load main class net.minecraft.client.main.Main"
Fix: redownload minecraft from the mc website, AND INSTALL IT IN A DIFFERENT FOLDER OF YOUR OWN NAMING, this folder can be anywhere, just remember where.
-IF YOU ARE CRACKED VERSION!!!!- download this launcher
If you Need it Google it please. copy and remove the spaces, once again, install it in a new folder anywhere.
Then, go into the folder where you installed the new minecraft (what you should have just done). and make your Weepcraft folder just like he does in the video, in the "versions" folder.
Next, In the profile edditor, hit new profile, then THIS PART IS VERY INPORTANT IF YOU WANT ALL YOUR WORLDS AND SETTING IN YOUR WEEPCRAFT, (you can name the profile anything you want). CLICK THE "directory" BOX!!! in the directory bar you need to type whatever route it is to get to you .minecraft folder. here is the most common route to your roaming appdata folder, C:UsersPUT YOUR COMPUTER USERNAME HEREAppDataRoaming.minecraft
NOW!!!, select the version in that profile to "weepcraft" or whatever you named the folder that has weepcraft in it.
DONE!!! sorry for no video but my computer isnt the best, and i have never done a video before. So click "play" (if you are using the cracked launcher then it will say "play offline") and there! you should be able to play weepcraft perfectly fine!


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music by itro – panda

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Comment (36)

  1. i’ve been using resilience on mineplex for over maybe 5-6 months, hasn’t stopped me lmao I haven’t been banned tho. Everyone says “reported” I go and watch the forums for 30 minutes, and no posts about me.

    1. +#DontJudgeMe Guy If you appeal on the forum but if there’s hardcore evidence, most likely not. That’s why you use alts and VPNs

    1. SOMEONE PLEACE HELP ME, THIS I HAVE CYANIT 1.0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED 1.0.2
      SOMEONE PLEACE HELP ME, THIS I HAVE CYANIT 1.0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED 1.0.2SOMEONE PLEACE HELP ME, THIS I HAVE CYANIT 1.0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED 1.0.2SOMEONE PLEACE HELP ME, THIS I HAVE CYANIT 1.0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED 1.0.2SOMEONE PLEACE HELP ME, THIS I HAVE CYANIT 1.0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED 1.0.2SOMEONE PLEACE HELP ME, THIS I HAVE CYANIT 1.0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED 1.0.2

  2. I feel sorry for you people who use this because obviously you’re such a doormat to everyone you feel the need to use this so you wont actually fail.

    1. +Kaleb Umati It’s not about attention it’s about letting you know you’re low life little shits, and I didn’t even look it up it somehow was in recommendations

    2. +Reggie Donaldson I just always remember this, we can’t be banned everywhere because it’s a paid for game.

  3. Has it something like .help ?

    – THX #hack4ever

    1. Hacking is for kids that don’t know how to play Minecraft. The only exception are people who use it for good reasons. You’ll find one of them if you read all comments in this “area”. (All comments under “Hacking is for nubs”)

    2. You kid downloaded them from WizardHax, put the file in your versions folder, added a new profile, (profile, not “PRO-File”) and played…. or at least your bot played. You probably didn’t do anything except pressing “W”. This all is no skill, it’s the basics for every player who likes modding! You guys are still noobs.

  4. the hacks aren’t working on servers?
    every time i use fly it keeps getting back at the same place
    and the combat hacks like kill aura aren’t working

  5. Ein Kolege von mir verkauft einen viel besseren Hack und acc und sonstige Hacks für mc er hat skype bei intresse addet ihn doch Name: alegas32

  6. Cyanit is just like Huzuni because you can edit all the hacks organziedly and Huzuni does the same thing but this client has more hacks 😀


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