Microwear H7 Square 4G Android 6 IP68 Waterproof Sports/Fitness Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

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Fundo Pro –
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Fundo Pro: G05 –
Fundo Pro: F4 –
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Are you ready for a very interesting square Android 6 smartwatch with GPS tracked fitness functions and outdoors features like a compass, barametric pressure, and altitude? Add to that sleep monitoring (a first for Android watches), sedentary reminders, and multiple recording modes allowing the watch to track your runs and capture distance, time, calories as well as maximum and average pace and speed, and you have a wearable that checks a lot of boxes for desired features. It’s also a 4G standalone smart watch phone with nano-SIM support and fully IP68 waterproof, “suitable for swimming” according to the company.

We break it all down for you in sections in this review. Make sure you watch the last part for a couple of undocumented surprises. This could be that rugged outdoors watch you’ve been wanting that will also support Android apps.

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Comment (10)

  1. Nice reviews👍🏻You should upload in 1080p 60fps, you have a OnePlus 6T right? It’s capable of that.

  2. Hi! I have bought this H7 as my first smartwatch. My only complain about it is the poor antenna (wi-fi, cellular) signal. Wifi works only within 5-7 meters and disappear if there is one thin wall. Cellular 4g works only in open air area, no way inside the house where my smartphone gets full signal. Is it normal or it’s a problem with my watch ? Could be a disconnected antenna cable inside? Thanks

  3. bonjour
    H7 en service depuis une quinzaine de jours
    utilisée avec une carte nano-SIM Orange
    quasiment pas de problème avec les appels
    appairage non élucidé avec téléphone pour les SMS / MMS = reçoit et envoit les messages, mais avec le n° de la nano-SIM, alors que je pensais pouvoir coupler avec le téléphone
    les premiers jours, elle se déchargeait en une demi-journée seulement, j’ai désactivé la position, suis passé en réseau 3G et ai désactivé 4GLTE, depuis elle tient une bonne journée
    je n’ai pas compris comment accéder au GPS
    ni à quoi correspond l’icône avec flèches alternées verticales ?
    enfin, existe-t-il un mode d’emploi plus exhaustif ?


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