Mi Notebook Pro Gaming Review – Can It Game At 1080p?

Xiaomi Mi Note pad Pro Games customer review, gaming production with FPS temperatures, external temperatures and GPU overclocking. This laptop pc is actually $977 below along with discount coupon GBPCPCS or $999 along with MIBOOKPRO

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Comment (39)

    1. This is part of the process, testing gaming performance and the thermals. I’m working on the full review for next week sometime. Just need more time testing battery life & that takes a few days.

  1. Wow this is cool! I make gaming videos too on my channel! You guys should check it out, my channel is called SlyGoblin!

  2. Really impressive for an ultrabook. I’m liking this more and more. If the price drops a bit more, I think I’m gonna order it.

    1. Yes, I think it’s great for the spec how it runs these games. I’m really enjoying this laptop so far, it’s not perfect (none are) but it’s got no real major deal breakers unless you need thunderbolt 3 or a better GPU like a 1060+

    2. Yes, it’s a great all-rounder isn’t it? Really enjoying your video btw, looking forward to your full review.

    1. OP Paladin not really. Macbook has better speakers and touchpad. But for the price of mi notebook pro you can’t get anything better.

    2. Let’s see if Xiaomi makes a deal with Harman Kardon someday… no idea for good touchpad brand, though.

    3. kenny ricardo It’s a video about gaming performance so I guess he is talking about gaming performance, and it does not surprise me that a mx150 beat a radeon pro 540

    1. Please don’t buy this to play PUBG. It’ll run very poorly.. With this kind of price you could build a desktop that would be capable of running PUBG

    2. PUBG has poor optimization to begin with. If they improve the game itself, the MX150 in theory should be able to handle it. All PUBG players and even the devs know the game is POORLY optimized.

    1. Yes, as when its idle there is nothing, but now and then the idle fan kicks in its faint and harder to hear.

    1. mrzazzaable seriously. I’m sure they can put a 1050 or 1050 ti with this same processor. I’d be damn happy with it!

    1. It was ood if you see my Mi Notebook Air 13 review it runs a lot better on slightly older drivers. Must be an Nvidia introduced driver bug.

    1. i just can tell for experience wise , my teen cousing was gaming a lot on pc and hes rekt it after 2years , so yes if yoire near to 80° you definetly loose youre laptop and the Tjunktion temps are the worst case

  3. @Chris, you should have tried switching DX11 to DX12 in Tomb Rider and see if it will affect low fps in that game.

    1. I’ve tested it maybe 2-3 FPS more if that. Seems the driver is to blame as an earlier version run it much better on the MX150 in the Mi Notebook Air 13 I had.

  4. Well done, i really liked your video 🙂 Rising up the core frequency to 220mhz+ made any difference in framerate?


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