Meizu Note 9 Review & Unboxing (Global Version)

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Meizu Note 9 4G Smartphone 48.0MP+ 5.0MP Rear Came... US $428.43 GearBest Buy Now
Meizu Note 9 4G Smartphone 48.0MP+ 5.0MP Rear Came... US $428.43 GearBest Buy Now

Meizu Note 9 global version unboxing and in-depth review of this Snapdragon 675 mobile with Samsung GM1 48MP sensor & 4000mah battery. Where to buy Meizu Official Store:

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Comment (25)

  1. The big problem for this company Meizu is the software fly me it’s too bad I have bad experience with Miezu m6note they should make pure android for their phones

    1. Flyme is a nice looking skin, they should not go for pure android but rather update their global flyme firmware more often. I have Meizu X8 and its a great phone for the price, however, I feel that the UI speed is good but not on par with MIUI due to lack of proper optimization. I also have a Redmi Note 5 and that phone feels as fast as X8 despite the vastly better SOC on the Meizu (SD636 vs SD710). However I still prefer the X8 over Note 5 thanks to the better design, build and screen on the Meizu.

    2. A lot of these companies have the same problem. I can only assume for the Chinese market they love these skins but if they went pure or even the one plus route, they would surely dominate the market. I do not know one reviewer that has ever said they prefer these UI’s. For example, the Xiaomi Mi A2 is a basic phone but so smooth with Android One. If they used this on the flagship models I would not hesitate to buy.

  2. If only Meizu let you unlock the bootloader, then a lot of people would buy this over the Redmi Note 7 (only has SD660) – and the Note 7 Pro (SD675) doesn’t have global LTE bands

    1. Fully agree. Meizu released some beautiful devices with great specs last year (16, 16X, 15) but the software seems to be a major turnoff. Hardware is spot on though.

  3. Could you review Umidigi F1 Play and/ or S3 pro? On paper they also seem to be Redmi Note 7/ Note 7 Pro rivals…

  4. Que viejo me siento con mi M1 note 😢

    Además va casi como el primer día, así que sin me queda para comprarme un móvil nuevo, y este al loro! Creo que es el mejor móvil relación calidad precio del mercado por encima del Redmi Note 7👌

  5. the software is a nightmare! worst experience with my m6 note
    there are tons of bugs there and they don’t bother fixing them
    u can forget about the updates

  6. does it support gcam? and if it is,does it improve the quality and also how it performs with it vs redmi note7/7pro?


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