Mechrevo S1 Pro Review – A 14″ Mi Notebook Pro?

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Mechrevo S1 Pro Laptop 14.0 inch US $1041.96 GearBest Buy Now

Mechrevo S1 Pro review 14" Windows 10 laptop with Intel Core i5 8265U, 8GB DDR4 RAM (upgradable) Nvidia MX250 25W, 512GB SSD. Intel Wireless AC 9560 and 2.5" drive bay. Coupon GBNBS1PRO01 on checkout to get it for $699 here

01:20 – Internals
03:30 – Weight
04:03 – Ports
05:12 – Touchpad & keyboard
06:05 – Screen, performance & benchmarks
11:51 – Battery & charge times
12:04 – Gaming tests
13:14 – Thermals
14:26 – Bios & Linux test
15:08 – Final words
16:40 – Pros & Cons

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Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver honest reviews, from a user perspective to help you choose the best tech for your needs. Covering points that matter to you as a user with comparisons, benchmarks, thermals and testing popular games.

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Comment (36)

  1. View number 5 lol not a bad laptop questionable for the single channel ram but at least decent upgrade paths 600 and change usd fairly decent bang for the buck .

  2. I hope Honor Magicbook Pro is already on its way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I can’t wait for a good review of that giant.

  3. Great video, as always. We talked about Mechrevo before (remember that fancy 650€ i7-8750H laptop I send you in PM ? It was from Mechrevo) and the brand seems interesting. I’ll have an eye on them from now on as well 🙂

  4. SOLD OUT …
    but expensive and a weak ssd … doesn’t make so much sense in this price arrange.
    For 700 I’m going for a surface, dell, thinkpad due to local keyboard availability.

    Again: Lot of passionate + strong work and really well done even I no longer like and avoid gaming – on computers.

    1. @Horia M depends on occasions like prime day and of cause your keyboard localisation preference. This one reviewed is now offered for over 1.000 … so you can’t always get it for 700$ …

    2. @typxxilps That makes sense. I thought there were some deals running just now, as I’m looking to buy a laptop for around 600. Thanks.

  5. Excellent reviewer as always. You should review the HP envy 13 2019. 820 USD for a core i7 8 gb ram mx250 and touchscreen. I think is the best deal right now.

    1. The thermals are abysmal on the Envy. The price for those speccs is impressive, where did you find it for that price?

    2. Horia M do you have info on the thermals of the new envy 13? No mention of something like that from the reviewers so far. Anyway, you can check the HP online store. The base version with a core i7 8565u 8 gb ram is 750 usd.

    3. @Felipe Vejarano I jumped the gun, I meant the 2018 version runs very hot with both AMD and Intel. In this case I’m also looking forward to see how 2019 does.

  6. Great review as usual. A decent laptop at a decent price. For productivity we are talking a great laptop!

    1. I believe it’s to distinguish their Pro lineup from the Gaming lineup, since the lowest in the Gaming lineup has a GPU that’s 1 class right above MX250.

  7. A review of the Lenovo S340/
    S345(I forgot lol) would be great. It was the Ryzen 5 3550H and a Vega 8 in it.

  8. I always prefer your reviews first because other youtubers just concentrate on adding up music n graphics but you do the detailed review.
    Go ahead…… Keep doing this ♥️


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