M.2 PCIe x4 to External eGPU – Faster than TB3 eGPU’s?

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ADT-link R43SG M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 / NVMe to external GPU review. Cards tested GTX 1060 6GB & GTX 1080 Ti. Where to buy: 8750H mini PC with 2 x M.2 NMVe slots:

Core i7 8750H mini PC review:

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Comment (48)

  1. WHAT? GTX 1060 6GB for only 150€?? Cheapest price is 220€ in Hungary…. oh boi, Iam jealous 🙁 good video tho. LIKE

    1. hahha, you guys are amazing. I have ZERO luck in life so no GPU for that price. 140€ for a 1060/6GB is A M A Z I N G

    2. It is 261 Euros in Turkey AND monthly salary is just 326 euro, so don’t complain my Hungarian friends 🙂
      Fun Fact: RX 580 8 GB (same performance with GTX 1060) is just 220 Euro in here so i’d choose RX 580 instead.

    1. Yes which is good news, I was really expecting a huge loss like 25-30%but thought I must test it out myself.

    2. +Gaming on a Dell Yes it is but why my title is the external thunderbolt GPU’s / enclosures you can buy. And most you lose at least 20% to 30% I didn’t expect this to be as good that the card wouldn’t be as fast as it is.

  2. Also to add the performance loss is constant but within those figures stated. But this is much better than the 30% or so I thought it wsa going to be. A good overclock on some powerful cards can help make up the difference. Also the higher the resolution the lower the performance loss. For example 1080p could be 12%, 1440p 10% and 4k 7%

    1. Hey! what if you use an NVMe PCIE USB3.1 HDD Enclosure M.2 to USB Type C 3.1 Hard Disk Drive Case, would it work? it would make it usb 🙂

  3. This will help if the CPU and memory is too much for an integrated discrete GPU, else it won’t help. You have a full i7, that is why you get an increase with using external GPUs, won’t help for old devices

    1. Yes but plenty of laptops with i7 7700HQ & 7300HQ laptops with weaker series 9 GPUs. Or the MX150/MX110 laptops, 8300H laptops with GTX 1050’s there is a wide range that could use. Very unpractical of course. I focused more on uses like this for a mini pc that is more than likely to live on a desk.

    1. I agree. I’m just using the mini pc not the GPU part. And I can take it with me very easy to transport, light and smaller than a PSU

    2. And if you need mobility at your gaming setup, you can choose a smartly designed Mini ITX case with nice GPU

  4. Some people just say it’s stupid because it’s not as plug and play as thunderbolt 3 or is not as good as desktop. They don’t understand..

    1. +TechTablets.com I have eGPU setup too, and i don’t see anything bad in it. It’s great to have ability to take the laptop with me and when i’m done to just plug the ExpressCard cable in and continue

  5. This was never meant to be a portable solution though for me. It’s fun to have these kind of setup and you may hide the GPU somewhere to make it barely visible (you may need a longer cable for that and expect more performance loss)

    But I’d better go with an ITX build if I really want to have a powerful gaming PC in a small form factor

    1. I’ve done ITX in the past it was fun. Now, this mini PC sits in the studio for editing work and other PC stuff like HDMI screen capture.

  6. Nice adventure even I won’t go that way.
    Great that you do that cause next time I might jump on your next train you set on fire again cause that had happened from time to time every quarter like Xiaomi 4 K drone, tabkets, laptop hacks and tweaks like the copper heatsinks.

    1. It’s definitely not for everyone this mod with the GPU stand. Well I plan to go even a step further and check the Core i9 8950HK version to see just how much I can overclock and push it before thermals etc are an issue.

  7. Interesting tech video with invaluable info on how to use a mini PC with Intel i7/ 8750H + M.2 NVMe External Graphics Card Stand to an external GPU !!! Thanks Scarboro

  8. i have an eye for this GPU evga gtx 1060 last two weeks until now on ebay and use as eGPU like this but i always lose on bidding😥. can’t wait to keep a hand on it.lol…

    1. Hi, it’s why this video has been about 3 weeks in the making. I lost a few bids on the cards, first, it was a 3GB version and was lucky to grab this almost as new card 100% dust free. The power adaptor also took 2 weeks in total from eBay almost but only cost 25 euros. I’m really pleased with the performance overall of the card even if the VRMs apparently don’t have heatsinks I read in a review.

  9. Nice. But compare Desktop/vs NUC in real life. Like 4k render, games, works in PS/Autocad with same card, power consumption. PC with 4 cores? I gues 8750H NUC will be 10% slower but twice effiency in heat/noise and power consumption.

    1. If you see my main review of it there is more info. But yes power consumption is so much lower. Huge difference. And it still edits my 4k videos fine in the studio when I do. It feels as fast as my desktop in everything normal day use etc. And most of the time I never even hear it. The fan is almost off, just a low RPM only when encoding and editing really it becomes a hum.

    2. +TechTablets.com I ask for render with eGPU, temps and trottling in games miniPC after hour in Metro or Battlefield

  10. Great video! I really appreciate your effort to show us this nice features. Did you test it on Linux? Is it working fine?

  11. Great video, fun project and perhaps not that realistic for every day use but it does work. I am so tempted by the Partaker Mini PC with the updated Intel Core i7 8550U Quad Core cpu but I fear it still has HDMI 1.4a but it seems they have included a M.2 slot. Can not decide if a Intel NUC is a better option compared to that nice passive cooling. This small computer would have been epic with the AMD Ryzen 2400G or 2400GE at least in terms of much better performance with the Vega 11 graphics.

    1. 99% sure it’s sadly HDMI 1.4A. Only the Intel ones use HDMI 2.0A so this is yet another area the Chinese cut costs

  12. 12:43 Personally, those type of commenters need to keep to themselves. This setup is meant to be an add-on for those who already have systems or want to extend the life of an old laptop.

    1. Exactly, for a mini pc liek this it might just be living on a desk and never moded around, or that 7700HQ with a weak 940MX GPU just got itself an upgrade to a 1060 or 1660.

  13. I’ve read somewhere that the perfomance drop through x4 lanes is -as you said- at a maximum of 15%.
    But unfortunately that applies only to cards UP TO the 1060 and in the FullHD range.

    If you go higher to a 1070/1080 or 2070/2080 and you want to handle 2k or even 4k you have to be ready for a greater perfomance loss as the transferred data is then way more as what the x4 lanes can handle.

    Would really like a second video as comparison with the 1080 and 4k. But thats probably a bit too much of an investment for only one video. (buuuuut you could start playing vr with it, which I would highly recommend. ^_^)

    1. +TechTablets.com woah, missed that. Thanks for clarifying! Would be even more interesting to know how beefier cards would get handled!


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