(Live Streaming) UMIDIGI Power Giveaway Review

Today's Live video on Facebook about the free Giveaway of 10 smartphones. GIVEAWAY LINK:


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Comment (28)

  1. Umidigi is so underrated I don’t know why. They have awesome phone specs and designs. Hope to see new phones with Qualcomm chips as well! Good luck for future!

    1. +UMIDIGI The marketing strategy, various giveaways and review of Umidigi phones from different tech channels are increasing. This will obviously boost up your company unless you guys don’t stop making top notch phones. Best regards as well.

  2. Boa tarde, existe a possibilidade de umidigi comercializar seus smartphones aqui no Brasil de forma oficial?

  3. Umidigi you guys are really good, your gonna make a lot of investment if you come over to Nigeria, this is what they really need. I have introduced some of my friends about the product with the nice specs and they really liked it.

  4. I really need that phone it’s amazing!! And I don’t have money to buy a new one.. thanks for the chance!!! Good luck to all of us!!! 😉😜😁😁

  5. Incrível smartphone, desde que comprei o meu alguns amigos já vão comprar também. Ele apresenta uma incrível configuração! O meu é o F1 e recomendo os smartphones são incríveis. 👍

  6. Great Company and products!
    Enjoying my (3) Z2-Pro Smartphones with my family… Loving your technology and fantastic prices also!


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