LG Q Stylo+ /LG Q Stylus Review – A smartphone with a Stylus!

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The review of the LG Q Stylo Plus Smartphone.
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In this video I take a look at one of the latest LG phones called the Q Stylo+. The one that I have is the Canadian model and this phone is also known as the LG Q stylus in different markets.

The phone is running Android 8.1 and is powered by the Snapdragon 450 that's paired with 3GB RAM.

Throughout this video you can check out everything from performance to battery life to sample pictures.

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Comment (38)

  1. It doesn’t seem terribly bad considering that it’s a budget alternative to the note. Very detailed review as always bro

    1. but feels too expensive for what it is in my opinion…they should have used a faster cpu… something like the sd660. Thanks for watching man!

    2. Redskull I definitely agree no one wants a slow device..especially when they’re so many good options in that price range

  2. Is this the best big screen phone a cheap alternative for the note 9 or something like the cubot p20 with a noth is also a good one?


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