Lenovo Z5S Review after 1 year! Worth buying for 2020? Best budget smartphone under $150

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You check it out what I have in my hands. Finally waited so long waited so long. I don't know why I didn't get this muffin before, but got it from the gearbest. You can buy it for the gearbest too. Crazy, crazy, the only just this international version selling for 150 super deal. You can have the buying links in the description. How many versions Tang tangerine and gray there don't they don't, have the blue version discontinued, but maybe you're gon na have the 128 gigs version, which is let's, see here 180 and let's, see here that they have a blue version and tangerine option. Do they have tangerine yeah they do have they do have. I think no, no. I don't have just a blue version for the 128 gigs of storage. Anyway, the buying links will be in description, get it with my links. Thank you in advance, so let's see here. What do we have the box itself classical? They don't have specs on in anything at all, let's see here. What do we have in the box? Stay tuned voila. Here we go here. We have the smartphone beautiful. Oh, my god, for the price tag, and this is the probably the best, not probably for sure the best smartphone that it can money can buy for 105 50 dollars under one and fifty dollars. You also get to receive a case really great and quality thick TPU case Lenovo, basically Lenovo manual, something that's in good mental it's, a Chinese or English.

Also, no just Chinese, just Chinese let's leave that on the side. Anyway, what do you have here? The Chinese charge? You'Re gon na see Vienna dapped er all together, but this is 12 volts equal one point: five amperes: it supports quick charge: 9 volts equal to amperes. So yes, that supports a quick chart support there. This learn about smart phone and we have a type c. Usb cable can see myself x, USB cable. What do we have here? Where is the where's? The SIM tool? Where is the sim to draw it, has to be somewhere? It has to be somewhere. Is it I don't, ok, it's here, yeah I'm. 45. Sorry for that it's just over here anyway, stay tuned let's put our hands on this beauty in just wala. Here we go here. We go! Oh my god. Masha'Allah masha'Allah check this display ninjas check this display. For now, the best deal that I ever saw in my life for this price tag. So what do you get ninja? So what do you get? So this is also a real aluminum alloy frames. This is a high premium quality device. Already, not son has a plastic. He frames this one has exquisite exquisite, CNC metal cut beautifully just anyway. The main selling point of this device snapping in 710 err, a aie, turbo mode octa core SOC and we have 16 megapixel camera 3 cameras with the zoom lens. Yes, it has also zoom lens.

Six point: three: inches: 19.5, with 9 aspect ratio; what up screen aspect ratio? Obviously what to drop a vessel s; sorry kind of bezel, it's, almost kind of vessels, but really thin that's, also on the bottom, very thin, bezels on the side and also top bezel. It is super ten tenten, tenten tenten thin anyway. What do we have else? Dazzling, color glass body, so this is a glass body and metal frames mean just. This is absolutely the best. Looking smartphone from the price tag find me a better smartphone that looks better than this one I'm gon na give you this one for free, you can't, find it it is, is the best looking device on the market super high quality man. That is crazy. What is China is doing me if you just can think what Apple and Samsung are selling for 150. Just like a cheap gadgets, they're selling me just for 150, you get a Lenovo device. Bro you get a smartphone, a full package plus also a case included. End of charm, fast charger in the box, crazy, 60 megapixel front of the camera. Where did we have the camera? Oh by the way I'm using you can already notice I'm, using, of course, the poco launcher, because I love it completely love it done. Didn'T like this. Anyway, lunch you're here so friend, selfie camera is 60 megapixels, 3300 mAh battery and, like we mentioned with the quick charge, support to two stereo speakers which we're going to test in a minute and of course we have Zen ey 10 based on Android 9 PI.

First we're gon na go quickly, go to the settings check here about the phone or before that oh do. We have dynamic, we're gon na check. Also those one about the phone – and here we have another security patches, fem foam Fabri a bit there bummer there, but hey ho ninjas. This is about the con, the biggest con of this device. It is the updates, the updates. You will have to install yourself flash a custom ROM, but this ones which they are selling with the custom random ROM. They want to receive an update, or at least they. Maybe it should receive an updates, but they're gon na be really really slowly. Just we're gon na have a slow updates with this device. Just have that in mind – and this is the biggest con of Lenovo devices which are selling for this price tag, that's, why they are so cheap because of this con. But if you can survive with it, if you don't care for the under a security patch and if you can survive with Android 9pi for the next year or two grow up by it simply buy it. Let'S go now and check here. What do we have regarding the ports? We'Ll be rocking a power button on the side on the right side, types, USB port, 3.5 mm, headphone, jack, main microphone and main speaker on the left side. We have dual on some acceptable slot and on the top we have a noise cancellation.

Microphone brought this device it's, so beautiful. Let me just take this off this device it's, so beautiful, masha'Allah, masha'Allah, nothing is more beautiful and nothing has a better design better, better, build that the better material used for 150 crazy deal; ok, neeta's thin, wise the weight and everything the dimensions, this very thin device. Seven point: nine millimeter, thin and 102 9 grams waiting for a smart phone which basically has a glass and this kind of beautiful. This is a really kind of a sweet spot of dimensions, the heaviness, the thickness it's a sweet spot. In my opinion, it also has a p2i nano coating, so it is splash proof on rain and etc. Of course, it's not waterproof, like with the IB 68, or something like that, so it don't make a mistake: let's go now with YouTube and check some videos there. We go, we have a full HD video sample. You can also watch 60 FPS videos on YouTube, of course, with this Lenovo's at five as gorgeous panel, just gorgeous panel it's in LTPS technology, again really rare. This is like similar to the redmi. Note. 7. Pro display 6.3 inches full HD solution, high, very high screen density 409, PPI man. This is an absolute absolute beast, also design and display. Nothing can be that it is a better discipline than which redmi note 7 has also which i you probably know that many units of the redmi note 7 have kind of vignette over the edges.

If you are looking, I don't know white wallpaper or if you go to the settings or something like that, you cannot say that I notice it. Of course, when the display is like mainly in white color, when we have the standard, the viewing colors, you don't notice that vignette on redmi note 7, but not all units. So far the line read isn't it Wow Wow it's a gorgeous pattern. That is a gorgeous panel 150 iam gon na check. Here the split screen option with the snapdragon 710 ninjas. There is no there's, no minor lag whatsoever. This is like running like a beast of the beast here, like it's a flagship. What is this kid? One is changing the colors this kid I don't get it anyway. Let'S move on a little bit more further and it sound like more darkish videos. Okay, leave it here, wow. What? Apparently, I love it I'm completely in love. This is the best panel for the money. No, not any single smartphone has a better panel here with Android 9 PI systems in 710, it's a it's, a it's, an it's, just a no brainer to buy it simply for entertainment purposes. You should buy them when I was at f5s let's go next. Ok! Speakers let's check here these speakers let's check out haha two speakers, bro and b14 bin boxer from France wow what a sound, what a sound, what a sound! Of course, this also it's taro it comes.

The sound is coming from your earpiece, very loud speaker, deep bass. There, man and I'm having goose bumps how good this device is for 150, the best build the best quality, the best design, the best display the best speakers also for the price tag. Well, when you're gon na stop. When are you gon na stop man? I I just want to finish this review right now: I'm, just saying it buy it simply. Why even watching this review just buy it and enjoy by yourself, you know exploring this device and finding out what are the best size of it. Crazy crazy dealing just crazy deal indeed, anyway, let's move to the profit processor professor professor yoyo boom ninjas boom boom boom boom. Yes, 200000 scores one two, two four seven in 710. Yes, this is an octa core SOC clocked at 2.2 gears there's a Creole 360 cpu. Oh, my god, GPU adreno 616 for the price tag, simply the flagship of 150 price tag world and nothing can beat this device. This processor for the gaming, for I don't, know a single core performance full multitasking for using it simply the best of the best. The crme de la crme, here we have some gia gig bench, a five score and gfx benchmark scores for the GPU side. Here we have some internet. I had really good speeds special. Also, the upload speeds are really high. With this device. Didn'T had any problems. I did somehow had a better download speeds with the other device which I tested when me not a pro.

I don't know wise like this, but I didn't hurt her hi upload speeds like on Xiaomi devices like on Lenovo, because when I was at 5s has like one megabyte per second megabit per second more than the redmi note i don't know. How is this possible GPS signal accurate, locking at 4 meters, which is really good? We can discuss about the better later on let's, so let's show you a little bit here so ninja has regarding specs. Why a spec wise here this one has six gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. Of course, DDR 4x Iran and a ufs storage, 64 gigs. And yes, this device also has an SD card expansion. It has an SD XD card expansion. Let me just find what I want to go to device information. Yes, yes, we're gon na show you more in details and also the sensors which this which sensors this device has. Anyway, it has a fingerprint sensor, which is on the back, see it what else we have. Let me go quickly to sensor section: everybody does accelerator light proximity and Magna meter, plus gyroscope thermals, and for like your regular used, like you, see myself for using it for 20 15 minutes 36 degrees normal completely normal, but in the gaming like pop G, it will Overheat, which you're gon na find that, in my gaming review and let's go next cameras, we can discuss about the cameras later on I'm gon na just stop here and basically you can stop.

If you are interested in more in depth, details of the processor and general specs of the Nano that fat as SOC el amin – you just 4G LTE supported there, so you can use volte and of course you can use it. Regarding the band's itself, it does have a be 20 b7 b8 before EMV 41 and we're gon na go let's go quickly regarding the speed test, we're gon na test a few apps. Ok, so I have five six apps opened YouTube Play Store Facebook Instagram. What else chrome, dev Maps Daily Mail check this out and just let's use the YouTube play, store YouTube Play Store man? This is very, very fast check it out in just this device is very well optimized. You can already see this. That is, this is running super smooth, oh my god, mashallah just to, I can just simply say, masha'Allah raising this device. So much so so much I mean let's continue next checking here. The headphones have forgot to show you, okay, ninjas from 1 to 10, giving it 7 score really interesting. I don't know why it's not louder the sound is the quality. Is there the quality is there, but the sound is the output volume. There is lonely, just it's for the price time, give it 7 very low, okay, it's, not very very low, but I expected more it redmi note. 7. I will give you better loudness, not the better quality, but it will give you better loudness if you care for the headphones yeah.

Oh my god leave me alone. Oh, can you just FM radio yeah there's FM radio support with alan? I was that 5 s to just connect your headphones and you are ready to listen to your favorite FM radio stations. Working fine, just fine, ok, check the mic. Quality let's play back some recording of mine man, good it's good, but some kind of I would say that the noise cancellation microphone maybe a little bit this sort. This is sorted, maybe the voice quality. If I can say it like that it's very loud, it is very loud. You don't have to have any problems, but for now I do kind of prefer more. The Xiaomi is the new eyes way of recording the sound, but by the way I'm using the stock recorder. Maybe you can have a better result for with that. Let me even try it now. Let me try it so I'll, just recording something recording something with a third party app. I will save it. I'Ll even show you which Epirus is a voice recorder, which has a really good scores. 4.8 let's see here if there's any difference in the quality one. Two one two, this be mic check: mic check, yo nose at 5s with party app voice recorder; 1. 2. 1. 2. This is the Mic Check Mic Check. My mouth is just a few centimetres away. Man picks the it picks the sound my voice really high and gets distorted a little bit with this third party app.

Nevertheless, I'm, just it's very loud, maybe just don't talk too loud to this microphone, that's it and then it's, not gon na get distorted anyway. Let'S go next, oh my god, so many things I tested. Okay, just battery wise this device can give you around eight our screen on time with the moderate use, which is again a really impressive, snapping and seven an intent for me in my past. It is the most optimized battery optimized processor that I tested from the Qualcomm and season engines. I was completely shocked. I remember even the letter was at five Pro. I think so it has this membrane insulin. I was completely shocked by the battery life of these beasts. In chance, I don't know even know how it's even able to get such a really large high screen. One time, for example, even when I was at five Pro, had a low battery capacity for the skinny one time that I got the results completely. Nuts moon completely. Nuts, so this one does have supports 15 watts fast charging support, which also you received the charger in the Box. Newton CC will receive the charger in the Box 3300 mAh battery easily one day of use. You'Re not gon na have any problems problems to use it. If you can, even if you use a bit of the camera and a bit of the battery you're gon na, be completely satisfied with the land, I was at 5s, even the batteries optimizer.

Can you believe that, with this device, gem it's a gem it's a complete gem here, let's go on out with I think I'm going to show you a camera or maybe yeah? I will show you the camera, or maybe the gaming samples stay tuned in just for now easily the best buy there's, no big problems except the slow OTA updates. The updates will be released, really slow with this device, and that is so far the biggest con. With this device it has 3.5 mm headphone jack. It has an SD card. Support has a dual speakers: amazing design, amazing speaker, amazing speakers, as amazing display super speedy for the gaming's that's. The best buy the best buy for the gaming is also Snapdragon 710. For the gaming purposes, let's go and I will show you now let's go and I will show you. Lenna was at 5s Wow. This ain't smooth, I don't know what is it? Music, Music, Music triple kill under 20 seconds, not bad graphics, Ito's and maybe later I'm gon na move to higher one okay, let's go! Oh, he got me there. He got me Applause. How can I even call I don't even know? What is this, if you put on 50 resolution, what what? What exactly which exactly resolution is dead? Did you just this? Is the camera tester of the lenovo set 5s? Please make sure towards this say the interview interview in depth, review of the Lenore's at 5s.

Right now, I'm, just having it in my hand, hand footage 316, so check the dynamic region exposure in just this month. One does have the best camera for the price tag. You can remember that you can buy it right now under 150. Okay, Allah knows at 5s 1080p 30fps video footage, handheld walk in let's check it out how cat what kind of video stability test, probably it's, not better than from the redmi note 7 redmi. Note 7 for the price tag has the best reader stability in the world. Ninjas, Music, Music, Music. Have you ever wondered where to buy smartphones phone chicky, chicky, ching, ching, ching, ching, china, that is the gearbest.com and banggood.com? The most reliable two sides surf for online buying use my promo links below in the description to purchase anything new, just that's.

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