Lenovo Yoga C930 Review – 6 Months After Release

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Lenovo Yoga C930 review 6 months after it's out is it a good 2-in-1 ultrabook? More info:

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Comment (33)

  1. Review some more budget and mainstream laptop please, Asus zenbook/vivobook series, lenovo ideapad series, some dell inspiron series

    1. I will try to when they are out. They aren’t so budget either. One more Lenovo review loan unit to review. The laptops you name I would have to buy to review, no loaners.

    2. +TechTablets.com yh i wouldnt want you to buy any for sure. Thought u could get loans off them but guess not

    3. These are my second brand loans, the first was a Viao SX14. Very hard to get loans with my location and style of review.

    4. Well other YouTubers are already doing review on them and Chris started this channel mainly for non mainstream Chinese laptops and mini pc

    1. I’ve been told it’s very damaging for the average view time (video ranks less, less views etc) But here you:
      02:06 – Weight Vs Spectre x360
      02:14 – Screen
      03:08 – Internals
      03:40 – Ports
      04:22 – Keyboard & Touchpad
      05:05 – Stylus
      05:46 – Webcam
      06:17 – Performance
      07:45 – Audio
      08:46 – Thermals & throttling
      11:21 – 4k 1 min encode test
      11:46 – Gaming test
      12:06 – Recap
      13:27 – Pros & Cons

    2. +TechTablets.com
      that’s the way and ,this what separate you from the others..
      and you know if it’s damaging or not , you have the data.
      also always great to see this in a comment.
      thanks up bro.
      great reviews, i think the best.

  2. Still thinking about Matebook X pro. I know more expensive but I think it’s worth the extra bucks. Don’t you?

    1. I’ve been trying for a loan unit, if I can I certainly will. But can’t buy it, just too expensive.

  3. VAIO SX14 or Yoga C930? Is there anything about the Vaio that’s better than the Yoga? That speaker hinge is insane..

    1. Yes the speakers kill the SX14’s, the weight is the main thing just over 1 kilo, more ports and the carbon fiber build of the SX14 will take a beating. This wouldn’t. SX14 has a matte screen also. Both different machines. The Viao is more of a business machine.

  4. now tell me something more , does the speakers are better then the Y50 JBL speakers with their amazing crisp sub-woofer , does this laptop has a sub at all?

    1. nah, it’s just by design because of thermal limitation and “standard” fan on thin laptops. Lower the loudness of the fan means limits the rpm which can result throttle faster than usual (see MBP’s case)

  5. I’ve got a 910 Yoga and have some questions. Does this have a slot for an LTE modem? I’m guessing it doesn’t, and I’m not familiar with any LTE/WiFi combo cards.

    Do both of the USB-C ports support power or just the further back one? That’s something I really don’t like with my 910. Once in a while, I’ll nonchalantly plug in my laptop and not look at the battery indicator for an hour.

  6. It’s interested to see you test any Ryzen laptop/convertible and compare it to Intel one since it’s usually cheaper and has much better iGPU

  7. Thank you Chris for the review! Can’t wait for you to review the Legion Y740. your reviews are the best! 👍


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