LEMFO LF25 4G Android 7.1.1 320×320 Screen Smartwatch: One Minute Overview

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LEMFO LF25 Android 7.1 Smartwatch 1GB+16GB Dual 4G... US $97.25 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
LEMFO LF25 Smart Watch Android 7.1.1 LTE 4G Sim WI... US $105.58
US $135.36

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This LF25 smartwatch has been provided by GearVita for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to GearVita for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this LF25 smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

Tethering app:
WiiWatch2 –
Special WiiWatch 2 tutorial Video:
Initial Android Smartwatch Setup Guide:

This is a different Android 7.1.1 watch in that it has a smaller 1.3 inch screen with 320×320 pixel resolution and a full 600mAh battery. Because of that combination there could be long battery life with this smartwatch. It is an IPS screen, not AMOLED, so there’s no “Always Time” mode and the colors aren’t as vivid, but all in all it’s a nice display. All other aspects of the Android OS appear to be the same. There’s no separate screen for fitness, but the fitness app is there in the app drawer and it works like all the rest (but no GPS integration). If you’re looking for something different in an Android watch, something that may (not tested) have longer battery life, check out the LEMFO LF25.

Here is the full review of this LF25 smartwatch:

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Comment (21)

    1. I hope some owners of this watch will report back about their battery life. This one might actually last for awhile.

  1. Looks exactly like my other watch, heh, same design. Unfortunately the watch band broke from the body and its worthless now. But up until that point, it was the best Android watch I had ever owned, they really have refined them over the years.

    1. It’s probably good to upgrade every two to three years anyway, just like a phone. Electronics improves so quickly these days.

    1. It’s incrementally improving, but nowhere near what we see on those monster flagship phones. There’s just not enough room for complex antennas in these watches.

  2. 2 questions. 1, does the bluetooth tethering alllow for a nice call quality when use as the speaker and mic from a phone call on my note 9? 2, Since there’s no camera is there another that is just as good if not better with a camera?

    1. Call testing is beyond the scope of my unboxing and first look videos (and this is just a one minute review anyway), so I don’t know about phone quality. As for Android watches with cameras, yes, there are a bunch. Have a look at some of the reviews and check the spreadsheet here: tinyurl.com/andoridwatches

  3. Sir i want to buy a watch but i have heard that smart watches not work for long time becomes defected after sometime please tell me that is this thing is correct or i should buy a fitness band

  4. Hello sir,

    I bought the lem x, the big one with not a big look.

    i had to return it, cause’, it rebooted. From, the the specs., of course.

    Gearbest, just asked for a video. A video, i had to scrunch down, to a mini kiss packet size. I was refunded, and they were polite.

    I got one, Kospet, with high, specs. Fast.

    I admire, your work.

    Do you have rumors, of a Lemfo x 2, or rectangular type one, with good specifications?

    Thank you.

    1. Glad your refund worked out for you. Check the LEMFO LEM4 PRO as a good rectangular one. I hope they update it soon.

    2. SmartWatch Ticks That sounds like a good choice. But, if is three G.

      I never would of imagined, anyone, would put the speaker on, the bottom, for the Kospet. It is, loud, but one nudge, if it’s a at rest watch, and a notification, might be missed.

      Plus, that screen, on the Lem X. Once, you have seen it. That is what normal, all, lush. Is.

  5. Just got my lem9 but the battery seems poor. I probably need to switch some settings but I’m not get anything past several hours of practical use. I night end up checking a different one out.

    1. Try cycling your battery by using it in normal mode until about 10% and then charge it up to 100%. Do that 3 or 4 times and let us know if battery life improves. It worked for another viewer. Can you do me a favor? Can you check your LEM9 firmware version? It’s in Settings, About, and at the very bottom. Does the version end in “v8”? Also, when you go to Settings and Display, do you have the option for “Always Time” to toggle on/off or only about brightening screen with notifications? Please answer. Very important to know what version is being shipped to customers.


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