LEMFO LF17 Android 5.1 Smartwatch with microSD Support: Unboxing and First Look

Gearbest LF17 Purchasing Hyperlink: (presently FLASH sale priced).
This view is a better bargain: Gearbest Q7 And also Purchasing Links: (AFRO-AMERICAN) (currently FLASH sale priced).
( SILVER) (presently FLASH list price).

This LF17 smartwatch has been provided by Gearbest for review. Many thanks to our audiences for producing this YouTube web site popular as well as to Gearbest for their help. If you want acquiring this LF17 Smartwatch, satisfy use the web link noted above. It will aid our team acquire much more checks out to assess for you in the future. Many thanks!

I prefer I possessed some good stuff to mention about this watch, yet frankly, you can do far better for less costly. Based upon a lots of aged technology, this watch supplies sub-par specs and also efficiency. With only 512MG RAM as well as 4 GIGABYTES complete storage, there is actually minimal space entrusted to keep apps on the inner memory dividers. Even though that has a microSD (TF) slot for approximately 32GB from exterior memory, any Android apps you wish to take pleasure in should dwell on guard memory to operate, hence badly confining this check out's capacities.

For a lot less cash you may address on your own to a watch with identical specifications yet along with an onboard electronic camera and 8GB of overall watch storage space as opposed to the limited 4GB from the LF17. This is actually the FINOW Q7 And (a getting hyperlink is actually published above).

You may look at the video testimonial on the authentic Q7 here:.

Hopefully I will definitely have a Q7 And also to show you very soon, but the authentic Q7 assessment ought to tell you exactly what you have to recognize. The "Plus" simply takes a bump up in moment.

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  1. Yeah it has limited specs but it serves a purpose for some people. The major point here is that Gearbest need to lower the price to $50 US to make the watch more attractive, more important fit to be offered for sale and not make the silver watch more expensive due to it’s colour. No one is going to buy a low spec watch for the current price.

    1. I agree, but I’d set it’s worth at about $45. Perhaps $39.99 on FLASH sale or Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

    1. Yes! Sorry, I had a couple of yours on there but they show at the beginning not the end, and I started with the stock faces and moved right, not left. Of course, they’re like the No.1 watches with 240×240 screens.

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