LEMFO LEM T InSAnE Gamer’s Smartwatch 2.86 Inch HD Screen 2700MAH 4G-LTE 3G+32G: One Minute Overview

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Tethering app:
WiiWatch2 –
Special WiiWatch 2 tutorial Video:
Initial Android Smartwatch Setup Guide:

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Wow, this is big, I mean huge! I can’t imaging there ever being a bigger smartwatch. But you know what? It looks OK on. It doesn’t look out of place in my opinion. It definitely attracts attention, especially if you set the screen to always on (you can do that with the Floating Toucher app I have in the Smartwatch Resource Center, link below). Besides, the battery can handle it without running out right away.

For the longest time we longed for a bump up to the LEMFO LEM4 and then LEM4 PRO, but none of us expected this! For you gamers out there, whom I am sure will be buying one of these, please let us know if it meets your expectations, OK? I guess we could say the LEMFO LEM T is a “game changer” in many ways. Enjoy the various reviews of this watch:

See the LEM T First Impressions video here:
See the full review of the LEM T here:

Batta Krisztián has disassembled the LEM T and verified the actual size of the huge battery here:

NOTE: The special brightness app shown in this video, "Display Brightness", is not longer in the Google Play Store, but I've save a copy for you in the Smartwatch Resource Center. Use the link below to access it and download it. It's a great app on a watch or phone.

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Comment (12)

    1. Sorry, that was a mistake. I’m trying to blend a video from Jason in China with my video here and they are different resolutions. I need to test it and see if it plays in YouTube before putting it up live. It accidentally went live instead of staying private and that rang everybody’s bell! So it’s more of a Pavlov experiment to see if you guys salivate. And you did! Good thing, too. 🙂

      I think I’ve figured the editing stuff out, so real soon you’ll see Jason unboxing something you never imagined would be a part of a smartwatch. So glad he is there in Shenzhen to actually go to the factories and dig out the best, most amazing stuff. He’ll soon have this goodie for sale on his website if you want to see it even before I get to review it. Absolutely amazing!!! kronosblade.com

  1. I feel your Lemfo Lem T review will be about 1 hour plus lol. I actually really hope it is because I believe you did that with a few of your smartwatch videos. But I’m waiting patiently for the long review for this smartwatch. Hopefully sometime this week?

    1. Haha, I soooo wanted to, but I need to save some of the good stuff for a deeper review in early November at Lemfo’s request. But you’ll get a half hour or so of joy, and more later. Consider it extended satisfaction with a hint of frustration. You get quite a bit in this one though.

    1. Sure, all these Android watches can tether to iOs, but not as well as Android due to Apple’s restrictions. Actually, in most cases you don’t need a phone with this one. It’s pretty much on its own given its size and ability to connect directly to WiFi.

    2. SmartWatch Ticks I switched to iOS because my family is on it. I would leave my Apple Watch home with this one. Didn’t get the last version of this one and I don’t want the new version to get away from me. I love watches smart or not. Can’t wait for the extended review.

  2. Great preview , i am happy you got the black version also , i was wondering how the gunmetal looked i like the read button . Which do you prefer Mr Ticks ? i want one so bad . i have to hold out till November or December to possible get one. i wanted to get the Kospet prime or this one .


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