LED Dancing Water Speakers Review

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Bluetooth Water Dance Speaker Colorful LED Crystal... US $26.89 GearBest Buy Now
Bluetooth Water Dance Speaker Colorful LED Crystal... US $26.89 GearBest Buy Now
Creative Water Jet Sound Water Dance Sound Box LED... US $30.91
US $32.82
GearBest Buy Now
LED Water Dance Flame Light / MP3 Crystal Magic Ba... US $35.09 GearBest Buy Now
FanHua Wireless Bluetooth Home Speaker US $43.64 GearBest Buy Now

This is my review of the Stereo LED Dancing Water Speakers from eBay

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Comment (26)

  1. I had a sneeking suspicion that they would make a splashing sound but the rest seems ok to me. The sound is pretty good and its deffinatly a cool item.

  2. Hey,

    Nice video!!
    Could you do a review on the Earson waterproof speakers? They cost around 20$ and sound incredible as i heard in a review

  3. I was actually looking at those and I was wondering if the sound quality was good and it seems like it’s ok especially with a good set of speakers. It’ll look cool and I think I’ll buy some. Thanks for the awesome videos an keep it up! Love how you did another speaker review 🙂

  4. So you can use them alongside other speakers? eg. these are plugged in to the USB (am I right?) and I have some other speakers & subwoofer connected via the computer’s headphone socket.. would they work together?

  5. Damn, didn’t read the words on top when it was on the Harmon kardon speakers, and I thought the water speakers were that loud and great sounding. XD

  6. Mine only work when the music volume is super loud and I don’t like that, is there a way to fix that?


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