Leagoo S11 Unboxing/Review/Gaming/Battery/Camera test! Redmi 8A Alternative smartphone

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LEAGOO S11 4GB 64GB Mobile Phone Android 9.0 Octa ... US $94.99
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LEAGOO S11 4GB 64GB Mobile Phone Android 9.0 Octa ... US $94.99
US $99.99
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Today we have a legal smartphone. I didn't review this the brand in in a year or so s11 s 11. Finally, it's out you can bite on banggood.com thanks for the Bengals for providing this sample, so this is 95 bucks in just 95 dollars. So this is the probably one of the best alternatives to the retina 8 a and the ume DGA 5 Pro. It has 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of those with the here AP 22, which makes it the cheapest smartphone right now, with the mark of dude annoyed 9pi, with all these specs only 95 dollars, so it's a really great great price for a decent specs. Ninjas I mean let's see here: what do we have in the Box? A member use no products below to purchase this device that's. The best way to support me voila check it out, check it out. Ninjas. We have the case League illegal copying at the Yuma DG. Smartphone zoom EDG has a similar case for the price tag ninjas, but still amici offers a slightly more tougher and a more solid case for the chief order, of course, for for free but again nice for 95 bucks bucks, this really good box box. What do we have here? Very long, cable man? This is the first time I'm, seeing something like this for cheap price tag. This is very long, a cable type c, USB port, yes and 95 bucks. It has types us before faster charging rates and faster transfer rates.

Crazy stuff, but this device doesn't have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so you'll have to use a converter in just they did provide a converter altogether. They also added your OTG adapter in just so. You can connect USB stick or I don't know whatever you want to connect may be a pirate headphones. Very sorry for the violet gamepads violate the mouse violet keyboards. You have here a charger which is let's, see here: 5 volts, 2 amperes new, just Farwell 2 ampere standard standard, and we have a sim tool and some manuals in China, English language. This is a global version: English all different languages, different languages, just basic that's it in just here – is the case. Here is the smart phone check it out? I have this kind of a blue green color. I don't even know how to even name this color looks really nice shiny, shiny shiny legal logo over here let's check it out here indicates then we're gon na move to the design and let's check it out indicate. Oh, that is, that is simple. That is easy. Coward, everything is covered all the ports. The case looks nice in with the smartphone adjusts. It does look nice like it anyway, let's move on then. Just here we have the legal s11 man decent screen here love the screen here. It looks very short head to me for 720p and the brightness it's, okay, the brightness, it's, okay, viewing angles let's check here, the viewing angles: nice man that's a nice viewing angles they did put here.

They didn't basically kind of be how down would call like that. Didn'T they didn't save on the on the screen have to admit they did saved on the design. This is a polycarbonate plastic material. On the back non removable you can't, remove. This chassis is on the back. You can't remove it, but it looks really tough man it's. Almost like it's metal but it's, not it's, it is plastic, it is plastic and it has like, like a glue feeling glossy look on the back. You can see myself here. It does attract a lot of smudges. So better put the case on that. I put the case on and when you have dual cameras on the back flashlight fingerprint sensor on the back and can be, you can see myself a legal loco, loco hello go. We have on the top. What do we have a noise cancellation microphone on top hope? You can see that it's just over here right side, volume, rocker and power button just over here on the bottom. We have a types, USB port, main speaker and main microphone. Now nice frames, nice frames let's go next. I can use my face to unlock and on the left side we have a dual dual SIM acceptable slot. Yes, you can put SD card inside that's. It simple like that angels front vessels side and let me just share it, show you here and share with you example: Radney 8a I'll show you sure you share with you read me 8a check it out here ninjas.

So, oh, my god. This is very, very similar. Bottom results very similar side vessels very similar and slightly thicker with the legal. Slightly again, this is the read me eight, but 28, a and read me: eight have almost exactly the same designs and everything so not bad. He just 95 illegal done a really great job. Regarding the design and also the read me, eight series also are made from plastic: they don't offer glass or metal. I mean let's go quickly here. Show you basically that, yes, we do have an update with this device. I'M gon na go here to about the phone Wireless update. Is there a ninja's it's, a half gigabyte, half gigabyte let's go next. What else we have here in the settings systems about the phone? So we have Android nine PI sugar right now and a Dre security patch is from the April 5th. 2019. Ok, I don't know why didn't included a little fresher one. You were one but it's. Ok, I mean let's go now and test here this screen, and this is on right now on maximum brightness, but we gon na go to youtube and watch some video. Ok. Here we go in just 720p 60fps. In order this halo p22, you will have to leave it just for a second or two when you start at 60 FPS, because it's gon na allow at the beginning and probably because of downloading the the the video from the YouTube.

But right now looks really good. I also forgot to mention that this device it's thin. It is thin 18.6 for a price tag and one has 74 grams, so it's a very light, smartphone very light smartphone for the display that it has. It is six point: twenty six inches slightly bigger than twenty. Eight and eight a 6.32 with them I'll see the IPS HD plus Resolution 269 PPI screen density, so it's, medium density, they're, two point five degree glass and it has a watered water drop. Not water table knowledge there's. No, so far, there is no specific security. Glass protection, glass – I don't think it has Connelly like last five like when me eight. So this is what to read me: eight will win over the legal as 11. For now, the screen is decent in just honestly it's, decent it's, not too popping the colors. Just look like a medium black, normal normal screen. Also, we gon na test here the sensitivity touch sensitivity of this display, let's check it out. Okay, that is fast, that is fast we're gon na check. Also, the split screen feature with the heavy p22 inside of it. Man that is fast also the hectic vibration is very strong with this device. I can feel it in my hands beautiful okay. Here we go display screen, feature six point: twenty six inches illegal s11 with the heavy p22 having here 720p video on the top and on the bottom I'm having a play, store, ninjas and it runs really good bro.

It runs really good. I don't feel here major lag or something like that. I mean you're gon na feel some man in the main lags here again. This is a low end, processor, very low, end processor it's, not taking 4'. It is a better better processor regarding using the apps and reopening them checking the info checking the info. I mean let's move to the sound speaker test of the legal s11. Okay, let's check it out here: I'm gon na use MV 14 from fans he's a loop station, beatboxer; Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, okay, that's, a nice that's, a nice speaker in jest. Indeed, it's not allowed. As read me, eight, but though it's a clean, sound it's not distorted at the max volume, so it's a passed passengers it's a pass pass from my side. Let'S check it out here the sound recorded in my quality Applause: okay bro from one to ten for the price tag I'm, giving it seven have. This is good. This is good man. They did improve. They did improve my quality and mic loudness. Not that legal, not bad, not bad whatsoever. What we're gon na do now is show you here the benchmark and also test here a little bit a few abs and check the performance so remember that this is a heater p22 and we're gon na go through that. In device information for you here, you p22 processor, so again a bit boring anyways, but a boring.

But again this is achieved device ninjas. This is the cheap device and LIGO. So far they didn't had a smartphone with the quad comes SOC these Chinese brands. If they want to survive, they will have to start adding Snapdragon processors. Gpu is a GE, 8320 720p resolution. So we have four gigs of ram ddr3 and 64 gigs of storage. A double NC, 5.1, of course, with the SD card support, you can put an SD card there and you know just increase your storage refresh rate 60 Hertz is of course normal normal, normal, normal anyway sensors. So what do we have? Sensors? Unfortunately, there is no gyroscope with the legal s11 bad news and no accelerator light proximity and Magna meter, but there is no gyroscope with this device ninjas. So beware: beware. Let'S! Go now and check the speed of this device. Let'S check here the speed I opened: seven apps Facebook, Instagram Aida, Play Store. You tube device and maps can adjust this Radney 8a can't do ninjas. Just to give you a kind of comparison. Reference that read me 8a will close these apps at three of them. Adjust you can check my speed test and management comparison between, read me eight, and when we ate a you will find out that two gigabytes ram smile for any 8a can't handle to it have at least seven halves open. So this is the huge advantage of the Lego, s11 and four gigs of ram that it is a better device for multitasking check this out a bit laggy there, but hey do p22, it's, okay, nee, just 95 bucks, ok battery life, 3300 mAh battery! For six point: twenty six inch and HD Plus this is kind of a normal battery.

Again, like I said here, three thousand and three hundred versus five thousand, they read me 8a. You know that you're gon na probably have at least sixty percent more summer. Some some some point: we have sixty percent more screen time with the reddening eighty. This one can give you a ninja's seven hour school and time watching YouTube videos, a legal did advertised eight hours, but my tests showed seven hours so I'm, not gon na play them that much so it's, not a big difference. It'S up to you, it's up to you ninjas, if this device and these six 64 gigs of storage and four gigs of RAM are really attempting for you for this price tag of 95, a decent screen decent speakers cameras. Read me: eight, a is the Winston just. So again, if you want to have this kind of pure Android stock experience, you don't want to go the Mui and Chinese apps and Chinese version of the Xiaomi devices then go with the legal as 11. For now this is a decent decent device. Not I repeat again for me: I would easily choose that me. Eight, a over this device, just my own taste ninjas, but it's your money and you're gon na buy what you want to buy isn't you can have the bindings in the description for now. We'Re gon na go, and I will show you the camera and the gaming test for the end. I hope you enjoyed in this review of the league, who L is s 11 you're gon na have also a gaming review separate video for that one and also camera review separate on my youtube channel, so make sure to check it out banggood.

com the bindings below. Thank you. Can you just say my name? Oh, come back, so this is the camera view of this latest legal smartphone man. I think, almost more than a year passed since I reviewed the legal, smart woman leg illegal anyway. So far, what I'm seeing here it records in full HD 1080p on the front selfie camera, which is really impressive and it seems it's a clean camera. I don't know how the audio of sounds or the video stability, but for now what I'm seeing on the screen? The camera it's good it's, good man, but you judge by yourself remember this is a cheap China phone some case from a sports tournament by my minibar saliva mean a magneto intruders, intruded, Music. Okay, of course, we have to test the face ID and fingerprint sensor. Illegal s11 does have a fingerprint sensor. Read me 88 doesn't. Have it read me eight 130 worth more? It does have fingerprint sensor. So this is maybe the pro of the ring legal s11 over the over the reddening. Eight, eight, okay, Music, okay, not bad fast kind of revival, reliable out of ten. I did had one miss so that's, fine, that's good, a face ID, not bad, and just let me ate a mu. I air is more optimized with the face ID and pass pass. It is a past, as in just 95 face ID and fingerprint sensor. Read me. Eight eight doesn't have this: the fingerprint sensor only face ID.

The screen. Sensitivity is really good bro. I don't feel. Basically, I don't have to drag so much like very long. I just drag a little bit and it will aim really quick, so that's a good thing. Oh, my god, I killed him with a grenade, bro Applause Applause. Why is not aiming that? Let me change my yeah. Give me this one. Give me that one now we're gon na see who's the boss. Have you ever wondered where to buy smart phones from Chicka Chicka, Jing, Jing, Jing, Jing, China, bad as the gearbest.com and banggood.com? The most reliable two sides, sir, for online buying use my from a links below in the description to purchase anything new, just that's.

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