KOSPET PRIME 4G Android 7.1.1 Dual Camera IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch: How to Setup Face Unlock

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KOSPET Prime 4G Smart Watch Phone 3GB RAM 32GB ROM... US $149.99
US $229.71
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This Kospet PRIME smartwatch has been provided by Kospet and Gearbest for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Kospet and Gearbest for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this Kospet PRIME smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

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WiiWatch2 –
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Initial Android Smartwatch Setup Guide:

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This is a very special quick video to demonstrate how to setup the Face Unlock feature of the new Kospet PRIME Android smartwatch. The links below will take you to other videos related to this watch when they are available:

See the full review of the PRIME here: (coming soon!)

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Comment (57)

    1. This is the one, it really feels good. Amazing battery in it. I’m hoping it gives us what we need to get through a couple of days of regular use at least. It’s a bit bigger in diameter but doesn’t look thicker, so they’re working some magic to include a 1260 mAh battery in it. I expect this one to probably hover around $180 or so after the current $150 prelaunch pricing is over. We’ll see.

  1. Hey bro from where you getting those watches daily 1 watch 🙈 buying with your own money for just review videos ??

    1. I have relationship with the vendors ’cause they know if I show their products you guys will probably use the links I provide to buy if you decide to buy, and they make sales. Really simple formula. They send watches, I show you watches, you buy watches from the folks that sent me the samples, and everyone is happy. So they send more watches! Today is very special because Gearbest has an exclusive offer on this Kospet Prime. Nobody else can sell it yet, plus, they have presale pricing available right now. So if you like it and want to buy it, please use this link for best price and to help me out: https://www.gearbest.com/promotion/KOSPET-PRIME-special-170.html?lkid=64469863 Thanks!

    2. @SmartWatch Ticks I would use that link – if I hadn’t already ordered 3 days ago 😉 (they did not offer the second strap then …)

    1. It might. Sure looks promising. I like the larger screen with no flat tire. They’ve done a good job with it and it’s edge to edge within a couple of mm.

    1. Hey Teebo! You’re my inspiration! I watch your recent Prime video and said to myself, “how the heck did he do that face unlock thing?” I kept trying and trying but it wouldn’t work for me. I didn’t realize I needed to set up a password first and then do the face process. How silly of me. But I figured other folks might not realize that either, so thanks for the inspiration!

      Hey gang, check out Teebo’s videos. He’s always first to get the hottest wearables and gives us quick bites of consolidated info. Start here with the video that inspired this one here that you just watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbXb6p_js0g Then click on his YouTube name and check out his other videos. Subscribe if you are inclined. I sure have!

      Now as for your question about the screen, very interesting question. It is not amoled, but IPS instead. That means we don’t get the screen power savings of amoled and instead put more of a load on the battery just using the IPS screen, even with a black watch face! I know ’cause I wore the Prime to the movie theater last night and, with brightness dimmed to the lowest and with Tim and Pierce’s analog black watch face (easily downloadable from the watch face server), the whole screen was aglow like a soft flashlight. The blacks were not black at all. I actually had to turn it off to make the screen really dark otherwise it was distracting. That’s a drawback, but one that shouldn’t be too bad for most folks. Again, we’ll have to see what the drain is like on the super large battery in this watch.

      Keep up the great work Teebo!

    2. @SmartWatch Ticks Thank you sir for your very informative answer. I understand that you can’t unblock the face id by watching my videos because I don’t have the smartwatch Kospet Prime lol. My videos are just pictures or videos that I find on the internet before everyone 😉

  2. Kospet keeps on producing top quality, massively features smartwatches. Now my problem is choosing between the Prime and Vision!
    What to buy? What to buy? Please advice whether the Prime or the Vision?🤔

    1. Kospet prime much better then kospet vision bro.

      Prime = face unlock + bigger baterry cap 1260 mAh + Large Screen and 2 cameras.

    1. @SmartWatch Ticks hopefully coming full review and I have a problem I have ordered Thor 4 dual from tomtop company and now it’s more then 5 months I haven’t not received the watch it stuck in Mumbai custom duty and they are saying that you have pay custom duty but I disagree for that can I case in consumer Court yes or no please help out
      Or according to you what I do the next step,,!!

    2. @Sanjay Sahani Sorry to hear about your customs problem, but unfortunately, that’s country specific and nothing that either I or the China seller of the watch can do anything about. All of them are clear that any custom duties are up to the end user to pay, so you will probably need to continue on your own in consumer Court. Some countries will not even allow a watch with a camera on it to be imported, so you are very lucky that you only need to pay a custom duty if the Court orders it.

  3. Ordered mine. Been using a ticwatch pro for about a year now. It’s not bad… not great… but not bad. The prime has 6x the memory!!! Niiice! Can’t wait to get it. Great review man.

    1. I haven’t seen a memory card slot on an Android smartwatch for a couple of years now. Nope, they figure 32GB for a watch should be enough, I guess. That is, until one of them pops in a 64GB chip and they all puppy dog over to the higher memory (at the expense of battery life, of course).

    2. @SmartWatch Ticks There is or was a watch that is or was coming out called Shell Smartwatch, the told me in the official channel it would have a memory card slot.

    3. And that’s an Android smartwatch? If you get more info or a link, send it over and I’ll have a look. If you include a link, your comment won’t show up, but I’ll still be getting it in a filtered area.

    4. @Septimus – Prime that is definitely unique. My guess is it was a concept device and never made it to market. If anybody has one or knows how to get one, let us know! Definitely not an Apple creations. Thanks for hunting this down. Got a good chuckle, especially the charging squeeze.

    1. As approval stamps go, it’s not perfect, but it’s really close. You can wait for the full review, but I think Gearbest’s super discount price might increase $10 or $20 by then. That’s why I rushed this small piece of the review early so you guys can capture their exclusive deal pricing. This is the first time I’ve heard of a retailer negotiating a window of exclusivity, restricting others from having the watch to ship, but they’ve done it, and it’s to the advantage of those ready to buy.

    2. @SmartWatch Ticks Couldn’t resist, ordered one today, and two weeks ago the Vision, my friend will get the Vision! Hurry up with the full review! 😉👍

    1. @SmartWatch Ticks Great, you’re our watch-hero! Can’t wait for your full review, while waiting for my first smartwatch, the Prime!

    2. Wow, you’re picking an awesome smartwatch for your first one, Henrik! You’ll have hours of fun just learning about it.

    3. @SmartWatch Ticks Thanks Mr SWT! I have to admit your videos has had a big influence on me! Hope so you’re ready with the full video review of both the Vision and the Prime SOON! Keep your fantastic work up! 😍👍

  4. This one that I had sent to you has the older firmware. When you flash the new version you will see that the Facelock is just a little different. This early version is based on Google code but it was not great. So the new FW v1.1 has a nice custom built faceunlock app that does not cut out the watch face from showing. 👍

    1. That sounds great! I will definitely flash it to the Prime and try and show it working in the upcoming full review. Thanks for all your efforts with this. For those of you who want to learn more, head over to http://www.fullandroidwatch.com to learn about what is going on with these new watches, including how to flash new firmware yourself! Pablo Eleven hangs out there with a bunch of other talented tech experts who can help you out with any Android smartwatch issues you may be having.

  5. waiting for mine already, my first kospet watch,the good new things about this watch is the 1260 mAh, i believe this new face ID unlock it will work better than the hands bright display, waterproofing Ip67, we need to be carefully about this, but for me, why i did buy it, because 1.61 IPS better for outdoors viewing and better resolution 400×400 ,beside this i like the way that Kospet hide the flat tire on the watch, doesn’t look ok at the first because its not the same esthetic top and bottom,but i think when i put it on my wrist, it will look nice even with this glossy ceramic bezel.
    waiting for the full review and good job

    1. I’m finding with the face unlock turned on and the turn wrist to see time also on, the display first shows locked digital time screen, then unlocked main watch face, followed by turning off within about a second if you don’t touch the screen during the moment it is unlocked. Fun little game at first, but really annoying if you want access to the watch without pressing the side button. Anyway, it may get better with an upcoming firmware update, but that’s how it’s working now. Again, this is new technology, so there’ll be some adjusting and rearranging before it all settles down, I’m sure.

    1. It is not in it at this time. I haven’t heard if it will actually be included in the future. It would need to have the hardware in it, and I don’t know if there is an NFC chip installed. Great question!

    1. You mean the face unlock? It may be, but it hasn’t been incorporated on a watch before. That requires a front camera and firmware interface plus menu items, etc., to activate it. That’s what’s special here. Perhaps it can be added to any Android7.1.1 watch through a 3rd party app or a firmware update. We’ll see what happens next! Thanks for sharing this.

    2. @SmartWatch Ticks Yes. The whole Smart Lock features is standard part of Android 7.1.1. For the first time it’s Incorporated into a watch.

    1. just bought the watch with the leather strap from your link hoping that i did my part in helping you continue making these awesome videos !

  6. Hi Mr. Ticks
    Have been watching your smartwatch reviews since quite some time now and I would appreciate they are really helpful and informative. For Kospet Prime, Can you please measure the watch dial from the outer with a caliper gauge and tell exactly the length across the horizontal part including front camera?
    I think the dimensions mentioned on gearbest page are incorrect. Also the the thickness of the watch.
    Thank u
    Best regards,


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