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스마트폰 Xiaomi Redmi 참고 5 – 예산 스마트폰 짐승

Xiaomi Redmi 참고 5 – 예산 스마트폰 짐승

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Xiaomi Redmi 참고 5 가장 효과적인 지출 중 하나 될 것은 계획에서 안 드 로이드 스마트폰 2017. 그는 확실히 더 나은 카메라를 해야한다합니다, 프로세서 (금 어 초 660/ 630), 그리고 Xiaomi Redmi 참고에 비해 요구 사항 4 오는 2016.

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    1. Woah if you tap into it faster than light your device must’ve been shattered by a sonic boom and your hand would probably be gone since you were travelling at such a speed.

    1. 잘, you can always get a 20/50/60 dollar phone that Austin Evans reviewed, but obviously it’s not going to be quite as good as other phones with higher prices.

  1. Yo Boss, what, in your wise opinion, is the best small/pocket smartphone.

    Want something I can fit in my pocket on a golf round, or casually in a jeans pocketwithout feeling like I’m being weighed down by a huge, awkward oblong.

    1. Mrwhosetheboss, can you please recommend me a phone with a 5.5 inch or higher display with good specs, i.e. for high end gaming on a budget of around $280 ?

  2. whatt??!! ive been following you for quite some time and I just realized I aint subscribed yet?! weird! good content today by the way! keep going, you’ll reach 1M subcribers anytime soon!

  3. can someone correct me if I am wrong the intro song is RoutineAlan Walker & David Whistle and the outro song is sever the tiesArman Cekin Ft. Esther Sparkles

  4. Hi brother i listen about you but never seen your videos before.today i opened your channel & what i see that your videos are aweome so i have a question that are you indain

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