RC 장난감 저렴 한 Redpawz R010 Ducted 팬 우 마이크로 무인 항공기 시험 비행 검토

저렴 한 Redpawz R010 Ducted 팬 우 마이크로 무인 항공기 시험 비행 검토

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This low-priced ducted supporter drone is actually an outstanding and fun flier for amateurs, and advanced flier. 여기 찾을

This's cheap! Constantly a plus;–RRB-.
Ducted supporter props give that plenty of lift while at the same time protecting the props in crashes.
Shockingly really good flier for the price. Can be flown indoors and also outdoors. Maneuverable as well as effective for its measurements. Must make a really good FPV whoop if desired (as well as if you understand ways to do such).
Good fin.
Excellent series of at the very least 30 gauges (that receives incredibly challenging to see at 30 gauges).
Features headless method for amateur fliers.
Changeable 3.7 V 260mah 30C electric battery offers it over 6 1/2 minutes trip opportunity, despite having assertive piloting.

It comes with the conventional tiny operator for micros and nanos. Type of uncomfortable to keep for huge hands.
Very little LVC warning before it falls.

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  1. Amazing long flight for 260mah battery, but that’s likely due to it not having to power up a cam/vtx as well. I’m sure if you added a little AIO cam/vtx, flight times would drop dramatically. Checked the price: $16 for Blue, 그리고 $17 for Red. Pretty short LVC, and I wonder how low the battery was when it landed. Those small LiPos don’t like going below 3v and will puff pretty quickly. Pretty decent quad for the money. Didn’t see any spare parts yet, but there are many dealers with batteries and props which would fit. Cheers.

    1. A whoop is a small ducted fan quadcopter like this converted to include a FPV camera. It’s relatively simple to add a cheap AIO FPV camera to the top by soldering its power leads to the quadcopters battery inputs. The camera must be 3.7V capable. Also expect significant reduction of flight time to about 2 minutes due to the added weight and power requirements of the camera. Here’s an example whoop. The following comes already assembled with the camera installed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsZJP-3cAIY

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