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Today we’re taking a look at the Picasso Tab, an Android tablet made by a company called Simbans. 첫 번째 23 or so minutes are the review of the tablet itself, the rest of the video is about how the product was shipped (my incident) and their return policies. I talk a bit about who I think would benefit the most by having this item, some things I’ve noticed, things I like, and things I’m not crazy about

I think I forgot to mention, or I wasn’t clear, that my first tablet arrived damaged, which is why I had a second one sent to me. There was a row of dead pixels. The second tablet was shipped in a similar fashion, but was not damaged. So I kept this second tablet for over a month and tested it to make sure it ran properly. I’ve had no issues with it, it works just fine. 여전히, a shame! But there are return policies and warranties that I do cover in this video. I also want to be clear that Amazon is responsible for the shipping of this product, not Simbans. 그래서…THANKS AMAZON. 🙁

Also unrelated butanyone know wtf is going on with that table at the end? I can’t figure out the proportions for the life of me! Why would anyone make a table with those dimensions? 그리고 …I used Youtube’s blur face ….editing thingONLY on Kara’s faceLOL It blurred the sky, my bag, Kara’s face, her butt and her backpackI don’t know why. It looked fine in the previews. 난:B THANKS YOUTUBE!

PRODUCT LINK FOR PURCHASE: https://amzn.to/2WG3s9f
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.simbans.com/picasso.html

Materials Used:
Simbans Picasso Tab

Larger Finished Image: –

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  1. 그래서, it's kind of like a normal tablet. It doesn't seem like a thing a professional digital artist might use, but do you think it would be good for non-professionals/hobbyists? Im wanting to start digital art so Im trying to see what might be a good option, and this seems good. Its not outrageously expensive, its portable, it has a screen, which are all things I would like. The girl in the video says its good for beginers but I think it would be nice to get multiple. Im going to do more research, if someone here has it can you please tell me your opinions on it?

  2. I totally agree that this is a super beginner tablet. If you've never tried digital media, and don't have huge expectations for tech and how it should be respond, 그것을 위해가!
    This tablet has quite the cheap build for the price, and though it's cheaper than other brands, it's also cheap in every other way. It's similar to the $50 android tablets that you can pick up from Wal-mart.
    On the upside, I admire the extra ports, especially the USB-C!

  3. I want a tablet thats android that comes with a pen for a reasonable price mainly because im too attached to ibis paint x. I have the huion 720 but suck at drawing with something with no screen and have no idea how to colour. If anybody could tell me one that is similar to this one or a link i would make me very happy.

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