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공식 동영상 Beelink S1 Mini PC – Gearbest.com

Beelink S1 Mini PC – Gearbest.com

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Beelink S1 Mini COMPUTER.

주요 특징:.
Could regulate your tools through voice control.
With Type-C connector.
Intel N3450 quad-core PROCESSOR, as much as 2.2 G h z.
블루투스 4.0 connectivity. Easy joining many Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Could store a very large quantity from information.
Reduced electrical power consumption.
Support cordless key-board and computer mouse.
Optional 4G or even 8G DDR3 RAM.
Along with the Microsoft window 10 운영 체제, your browsing adventure is really smooth, as well as you don't need to maintain restarting regularly.
Help double band WiFi from 2.4 G and also 5G.
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