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스마트폰 5 무시 무시 한 스마트폰을 할 수 있는 일!

5 무시 무시 한 스마트폰을 할 수 있는 일!

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Horrifying factors that may accompany your Android or iOS Smart device! Concealed Video cameras, Top secret Audio, Hacks etc. This video intends to educate you the Distressing Hacks so you could be secure as well as malware complimentary.

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  1. _Mrwhosetheboss can you please tell me the source, where you’re getting these much of contents to upload videos daily_ ??

    1. NigelSouza it’s officially called Nokia 8 지금 …and when it is gonna be released ,not sure .. but they will unveil it soon , maybe this month or pretty soon ..

  2. Your INTRO is Awesome….ARUNMake a video on how to make youur own Intro plzzz I also wanna learn your INTRO MAKING….plzzzI hope you will make

  3. *i told my friend about App Permissions like 1 week ago(phone mic prob picked it up loud and clear) and today youtube suggested me this video, THIS VIDEO!* 이!!! AI ALREADY TAKING OVER THE WORLD NO STOP BUTTON NOW WE MIGHT BE FUKKED, or maybe not.

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