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Home Smart Watches Kingwear KW98 Production Version Smartwatch: Unboxing and Review

Kingwear KW98 Production Version Smartwatch: Unboxing and Review

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KINGWEAR KW98 AMOLED HD WiFi GPS Soul Rate Smart Watch Phone: (Promotion Sale Till Aug 8th).
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This KW98 smartwatch has actually been actually delivered through Banggood for review. Many thanks to our customers for producing this YouTube site preferred as well as to Kingwear for their assistance. If you want acquiring this KW98 smartwatch, simply make use of the link listed above. This will certainly help our company obtain more sees to assess later on. Thanks!

Satisfy get in touch with Zoe for mass sales orders.
Skype: lovezoe0502.
Mob/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86-159 1949 0502. Email:[email protected] Right here's a direct url to the supplier's website too:.

Listed here it is! The long waited for Kingwear KW98 smart check out phone, and also exactly what an appeal! It's strong design and very adaptable bands prepare that apart from anything else on the market.

This is the manufacturing variation from the KW98 and also different in comparison to the model check out managing the KW88 firmware which was actually analyzed here:.

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    1. Yea, I had high hopes they would be. Take a look toward the end of the video I recently posted on the IQI I4 Pro though. Such a surprise!

  1. Kindly recommend a best watch under 10k having all round performance.A lot of variety of watch is very confusing.I am looking to buy one.

    1. 10K is not a unit of money, so I have no idea what you are asking. Besides, I don’t track them by price. Sorry, but the videos are here for you to do your own research! Enjoy the journey….

  2. Bought One yesterday and super hyped too get it , Great Video Man . Please do more , really worried I cant use custom watchfaces on this model KW98 🙂

    1. Ah, magic word. Water resistant. I’ll call that waterproof and say only the Zeblaze Blitz meets that requirement for an Android watch. I don’t think it’s 3G though. Not sure what you mean by PIN.

    1. Unless it’s fully waterproof IP68 or IP68, I don’t review 4GB Android watches anymore. We are up to 16GB now on the latest watches.

    2. SmartWatch Ticks Most smartwatches are not waterproof. Therefore I am looking for smartwatch that is waterproof. So it does not have to be often removed which makes the clock strap broken and wasted time But I would like to have GSM support, and Android 5.1

  3. Can someone help me out here i have a samsung gear s2 i know thats not what he does here i hate this thing so boring.These watches is there a community behind them can you do things like root and have roms.I am a noob to smart watches like these.

  4. I think you should try the smartwatch with a sim to evaluate the quality of the speakerphone, anyway congratulations and thank you for the videos

    1. Yes, considering the whole point of this smartwatch and most other android smart watches is to be standalone and not a tethering watch. Having said that it will be close to useless with a sim considering it’s battery life will be appalling. It looks like the Chinese manufacturers are ignoring the battery life problem and continuing to bring out more and more of the same old, to be honest, crap. Adrian.

    2. A Kinsella …..I know, but if there is a SIM i would like to use it, especially when needed, otherwise i choose a smartwatch without SIM

    3. A Kinsella
      If the “whole point” of these watches was the phone part, then they wouldn’t have radio specs on par with a basic 10 year old Nokia.

  5. Damn I tought the band was a true and regular one :(. Very disapointed. I have the lef1. The minus are : poor battery Life, no pinch to zoom (my previous leS 1 had it). For the rest the lef1 with new soft can maintain the watchface you want whit whrist movment. Bye and Thanks mr ticks

  6. Thanks for all your reviews and advice!
    I have yet to find a watch that can last all day long using what I would consider ‘nornal’ apps like WiFi and Bluetooth and GPS. THese are fairly standard among mainstream (Apple, Samsung, etc.) brands that would take serious heat if they couldn’t last a full work day and into the evening – to be charged overnight.

    Have you found any that can last? What’s your opinion of this?
    Thanks again.


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