Kingwear KW88 vs FINOW X5 – Which should you buy?

Which watch should you buy, KW88 or X5? When you decide, please use the appropriate link and coupon below to place your order, get a good price, and support our channel. If this video was helpful, please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to our SmartWatchTicks channel. Thanks!

Kingwear KW88

Direct from Gearbest! Grab it now!
Bring a good news here! The KingWear KW88 is already price to $99.99 now,

After holiday promotion:
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Finow X5 Black,
Coupon code:TicksX5 to get it for $125.99
Finow X5 Silver,

Also directly from FINOW

FINOW Company website:

For more detailed information, please check out these other SmartWatchTicks videos:



BOTH KW88 and X5


Before you begin, make sure you are ready! Watch this video first: 
Then view this video starting about 10 minutes in:
You can also follow this guide for installing clock skins:
Most common problem why it won't work? People name their folder ClockSkins rather than the correct name: ClockSkin


Here is a relatively complete list of recommended Apps for Android watches:

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Comment (29)

    1. Yes and no. For Android apps you can install on the watch that do their own thing self contained, then yes, all you need is access to the Internet from the watch, probably WiFi. For things like Whatsapp that link to your phone number to use, you probably need a SIM in the watch. How do you use it? Just like you would in a phone. An Android watch is really a tiny Android phone.

  1. On the KW88 you can also add numerous cf ..only restriction here is that it can only have three hands , hour,minute and seconds.(as for now, community is still working on it)

    1. If you don’t wash them too hard your hands shouldn’t get damaged. Just be careful not to splash too much water on either of these watches. They are not very water resistant. Water can get in the various holes. For waterproof, look at the Zeblaze Blitz or Z9 watches.

  2. Hi, nice reviews and enthusiastic voice.
    It missing something in every reviews, how watch fit in your arm. Thanks again, from Portugal.

  3. Hello.. please review ticwatch 2.. it is also a chineese watch , similar os like these watches but well polished and lot of third party support

  4. On the X5, the lower button is the Android’s menu button (when pressed shortly). This can be helpful in some situations/apps.

  5. Guys, budget around a hundred bucks, is it a good move or i should try first the 13$ version to see if smartwatches are useful?

  6. Thank you… i want ask you .. this wach kw88 .. can i but memori ?? Am not more english but i want know this informatoin thaaank youuuuu

  7. Just wanted to clarify to people in the US looking at buying these watches. If you don’t have AT&T it’s just an expensive watch. T-MOBILE does not have the band for 3G to match the watches 3G band so it’s only on 2G, making it virtually useless. These videos are great, and convinced me to buy. Unfortunately, it was a mistake. I was told by T-MOBILE the watch would work on 3G but later found out they misinformed me. Hope it helps somebody in the future. I will try to add this comment on some of your other videos to help.

    1. Can any of you give me feedback about them? i think that i’m about to buy the kw88, but i’m not really sure!
      does it work like a phone? Do i need one nearby?(cuz i dont have a smartphone and i dont want one). can you use the keyboard well?
      What are the worst things and the best things in it for you?

      Can you use blue tooth earphones to listen to music?


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