KFPLAN KF606 Cheap Gyro Stabilized RC Airplane Flight Test Review

Don't be fooled by the low cost. This little airplane flies very well. Great affordable first airplane for beginner RC pilots. Find it here

– Very inexpensive. Should be affordable for most.
– Two channel plane that's very easy to fly. Throttle for climb/descend, and yaw control for right/left movement.
– Includes gyro stabilization to prevent rollovers. Although a differential thrust flier, the yaw steering was nicely proportional. The gyro stabilization helped greatly here. No need for "bumping" the yaw control as with many other 2 channel diff thrust fliers w/o stabilization.
– Only 10 grams, and also constructed of tough EPP foam. Should be resistant to most (but not all) crashes.
– 3.7V 80mah battery provides close to 8 minutes of flight time.
– Transmitter provides about 100 meters flight range.

– As it is very lightweight, this plane is best flown indoors, or outdoors on low wind days.
– Unusual size 3.8mm diameter brushed motors. Not sure where you would purchase replacement motors? But hopefully most pilots will be ready to move on to bigger/better planes before they wear out.
– Although gyro stabilized, it seemed tail heavy out of the box. A little putty on the nose easily corrected that (although it might have needed a little bit more).

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  1. After those tiny motors burn out , is there room for a bigger battery and a set of bigger motors ?
    I like that little size.

  2. You do an excellent job introducing beginners to the hobby, keep it up………….but this, crikey Banggood please..I think a piece of A4 paper and some chuck glider instructions would keep any youngster happier than this.

  3. That’s really good for the price. It will never replace my flybear in my affections but I do like it 🙂

  4. Hallo Quadcopter 101, I was one of your viewers who started flying a 2 channel glider because of you. Still having great fun with the Fly Bear 805. Thanks, Andre de Boer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  5. This is very similar to the old Air Hogs airplanes that got very popular a few years ago. They had a tendency to nose up as well. This one seems to fly much better. Gentle control of throttle helps.

  6. I have bought one off of Amazon with three batteries. Just waiting for it to come. But i must say im not a beginner but still enjoy able as an experienced pilot.😁👍🇬🇧


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