Jumper T16 16 Channel Multi Protocol RC Transmitter Flight Test Review

This transmitter can be used with most RC protocol receivers. So not matter if your aircraft uses Frsky, Flysky, DSM2, etc.. you can fly it. Even works with many toy aircraft. Find it here
And if you're interested in wholesale inquiries, see www.jumper.xyz .
And here is the Official Jumper Facebook group

– 16 channel transmitter with throttle, yaw, pitch, roll, 6 three position switches, 2 two position switches, 2 dial knobs, and 2 slide switches. Additionally includes 6 button switches for programmable flight control boards such as APM or Pixhawk.
– Includes dual bearing adjustable gimbals.
– Large lighted color screen.
– Can be used with JumperTX or OpenTX firmware (Comes loaded out of the box with JumperTX).
– Jumper JP4in1 multi protocol module is included and installed to the transmitter. JR/FrSKY compatible module bay also enables easy installation of additional multi-protocol modules if desired. Is also TBS Crossfire compatible.

– At 888 grams, it's not lightweight. But it does come with a neckstrap.
– The scrollwheel of this early version of the T16 can break easily if you push down too hard. However according to Jumper, this wheel has been redesigned to make it less fragile.
– There is a large learning curve for both learning the JumperTX software, along with the transmitter's navigation buttons and what they do. Unfortunately no user manual is included to help mitigate this curve.

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Comment (28)

    1. Congratulations. You were the first to say First. You win a shoutout in a future QC101 video. Again, congratulations!

  1. thank you very much for this useful review. *i’m sorry i asked outside the video context. I need help: how do I flash the xm+ receiver using t8sg jumper? because I know you like using jumpers the most. most videos from friends about xm + flash with taranis while I don’t have the radio, thank you for your help😁👍🍺♥️

  2. Just got it last week! have no idea how to set it up yet,, learning process…One you get the Bugs 3 going post it step by step Thanks!

    1. I’ve got the motors to arm spin on the Bugs 3, but that’s about all it does. I’ve been searching YouTube for anyone who has got it to fly with it, but still no luck.

  3. I had the original Jumper Tx and still have the Plus V2. They suffice(d) for the flying I did and do but I like virtually all of the Jumper range. So far at least I don’t need the levels of complexity the later models have but knowing they are out there is handy should I need them.
    _I’ve even used Jumpers to drive RC trucks_ 😀

    Amazing to see your old X5C still flying 🙂

  4. Love your channel have watched for years. Can you tell me what camera and mic you use to shoot your videos? Greatly appreciate your help!

    1. Mobius Standard action camera https://amzn.to/2vPh02n . Nearly every one of my videos was produced with it. I use it for the outdoor videos. The indoor tabletop videos are produced with my old Canon SX20 IS. Unfortunately my old Canon is only available on eBay these days.

  5. I’m still waiting for Banggood or Gearbest to get this in so hopefully I can get a decent discount with points or vouchers.

  6. Nice review as usual. Just wondered why you call it Fly Sky when it is actually FR Sky. Something I noticed you did not show with the Jumper T16 the different speeds 1, 2, or three for example. I remember I ordered the yellow jumper plus and they sent me the plain jumper without the word plus under the name. After many emails and pictures I emailed them, they gave me the run-around and would not take it back. When I did figure the transmitter out a little, it would bind with one quadcopter only, and it only had one speed with no way of using the different speeds of the drone. That is why I was waiting for you to show that this T16 would not only fly your drones in the different modes/speeds of the drones you flew with it. Could you make a video showing that this transmitter can actually fly your drones using their other speed settings for example. Happy Flying

  7. You have so much stuff, all those radios! Nice video as always, you are such a nice guy, thank you.


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