Jumper EZBook X3 Pro Review – $299 8GB Gemini Lake Laptop

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Finally, of course, the end of this year, starting to see the best versions coming out with full spec type c ports that this one has right here and we've also got 8 gigabytes of RAM. In dual channel now, originally they just came with 4 gigabytes of RAM due to Windows, 10 licensing costs, but they seem to have gotten around that and for a decent price. This one is, in fact one of the best ones: price wise it's, 299, us and it's gon na be the second to last human ilayk laptop that I look at. Hopefully the next one is the B max X 14, but I don't want to go crazy, like I did with the Apollo Lakes that I almost went insane reviewing. So many of them so does a good laptop. But as you see in this review, it really only has one key weakness compared to the other ones that I've reviewed as you'll see in this review. Now the build of this laptop I'd rather do like it's back to the jumper easy book 3 pro days. The fact that it's all metal, because we've got a metal palm rest here and it is a quality, build it's quite thin. So this laptop weighs just one point: two, nine kilos and as fourteen millimeters thick on the life of this laptop you'll find DC in there. For charging there is a status LED that is red when charging green once fully charged that's great, so you know when it's fully charged and you can unplug it now.

The type C port here is like the recent Jim and I like laptops that it is a full spec twine. So this is USB 3.1 supports a video that 4k 30 Hertz max output, we've, got data and then power delivery support as well, which is great something the chui let book pro is definitely lacking and on the right. We'Ve got a USB 3 port. So this will power external hard drives up to 2 terabytes tested 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So this is also supporting microphones and good quality, there's no static or interference, and the loudness is decent enough. Normally, on the Gemini Lake, laptops affect all of them, I've tested. We don't have the issues like the old atoms with static and that hiss over the line and that's not here and the microSD cards in the slot here, as you can see, and they sit in flush, which is great up in the top bezel. You find an HD webcam here with the dual array: microphones, it does have a status LED now. The quality of this webcam is just like all the other German elite laptops that it is rather poor. It will struggle even in bright light. It looks a little bit dim and if you're in low light, it's quite choppy that's about 15 20 frames per second, not an amazing webcam, but at least we've got one. So if the 180 gigabyte SSD is not enough for you, you can upgrade it it's.

Very easy to do just two screws and just remove this hatch right here and it gives you access to a 22 by 80 slot. So you remove one hundred eighty gear by Drive. You can put up to 2 terabytes in here and then a look at the internals, so we have a 38 watt hour battery. This will last for up to about 8 hours, depending on what you're doing, if you're just watching video, then it could even go for nine hours or so so, seven or eight is this kind of standard figure there. For these, our Tim and I like laptops, so we've got a cop, heatsink that's, quite a large one. Here now, if you're into your mods out there, you can put a thermal pad on the top of this. That would definitely help reduce temperatures because it will transfer heat then onto the rear underside of this all middle laptop. So the wireless card, sadly, is not upgradeable. The layout looks good everything's screwed into place here and no problems now the screen and the x3 Pro is the area of weakness here, so they did cut costs here with the glass that's over the top of it. Now I don't particularly like the bezel around I mean it's, alright, it's, not a huge bizzle or anything like that. But the fact that they've gone gray here will the silver grey plastic around the outside and then it's non laminated, so there's a gap of approximately 1 millimeter, which is not bad.

But you can see that my tripod is reflecting here so it's, a very reflective screen and you can put those met anti clear screen protectors over the top. That will probably help a lot with that. Now the brightness only tops out and a hundred in 99 it's. Now this isn't really ideal. It should be about 250, at least so it's, not the brightest screen. However, when you've got it right now, this is actually on about 80, with my bright studio lights on so indoors, you're gon na see it fine it's just outdoors reflections and that brightness will make it really impossible to use it so 70 into your si. Color gamut coverage they're an Adobe RGB of 74 – is so much better than the easy book 3 Pro that one had an Adobe RGB, I believe, of about 46 or 48 percent, so it was a rather poor screen and had a big, huge blue tint to it. However, it was a matte anti glare screen, which would have been better here in the extreme Pro. So when you first go through the setup, there are a lot of European languages on this Windows 10 image, which is version 1903 Windows, 10 home it's, fully activated there's. No problems with that they're not using a counterfeit CD key, no, not here! So when you take a look at the devices we've got on here. So you've got the CPU that I've covered a lot of okay, Intel, Celeron, n 4100 it's, a quad core maximum turbos 2.

4 gigahertz, and we do have that Intel wireless AC 94611 on here, which is unusual to see because normally it is soldered on the motherboard, and We have the Intel wireless AC 3165. This also supports Bluetooth 5 and our memory good news. It is running in dual channel the 8 gigabytes of RAM that we have and our SSD I'm currently testing their intel. Ssd you'll see listed here, and this was a bit of a surprise to me because normally they use be winned 4c and other brands, like me, tech, but this is an entire SSD and as a result you can see, we do actually have very decent speeds. These are probably faster. Actually, this is faster than most of the other laptops, with the sound in 4000 that I have reviewed, but free space. If you have a look at C Drive right here, we've only gotten approximately a hundred and forty two gigabytes free just above the keyboard you'll find three status LEDs. So one is power on the others, caps lock and the other one to let you know if you have disabled the touchpad. So there are four speakers in here. You can see them just tiny little speakers and I'll give you a sample of them now. They'Re not particularly great sounding, this is very common and they could be also a little bit louder, but they do do the job it's loud enough, that you can hear, for example, movies, but here's that sample so let's have a look at the performance you can expect Here from this hour on n 4100 – so this is Geekbench 4 I'm, not using Geekbench 5, because I can't relate to the schools and all it was just haven't tested enough tick with it.

But this is a little bit slower than some of the other cell and in 4100 laptops and it could have been because Windows updates or something was going on the background, but it is a non power kind of score there, so not super powerful. This laptop is designed for light computing, so not 4k video editing. In fact, no video editing, no real, demanding work. You can do like Photoshop Lite kind of whip like that is going to be ok and I will demonstrate later on to a little bit of gaming performance. So I just want to do a quick search here in chrome, just to show you what you can do with this and how many tabs you can run in just how fast a wallet load in now the wallets performance. I wanted to talk a little bit about that that I've had no problems with the single the range and reception. Sorry from that wireless AC chip, but it seems to be performing on par, just like all the others are on in 4100, laptop so I'm in ruins. So I'm gon na open up here, multiple tabs. I don't know how many I've got now there, but it's close to 10 that's really about. As far as you want to go pushing it, although with 8 gigabytes of RAM, you can see, we still haven't solved that up at all. So I swapped between these tabs few things are still loading in there and the scrolling speed is noticeably a little bit slower.

There, as expected, well that's, all loading in the CPU is being pushed there. You can see to 100 so swap between all these tabs here, and you can see that that's actually quick. Now a lot of people in the beginning, when I first demonstrated this on this kind of chipset, were quite surprised with this performance that it's like an older gin, core i3 or even say a very old forth gin, I 5, then it actually does pretty well here Before performance, so this is a sony. 4K 60 frames per second clip here. I'Ll just demonstrate how this performs with Windows Media Player. If it'll, let me play, and I think it should – and you see it's gon na take a little while to open and it's. Actually, quite slow, that's, probably because of what's going on in the background with those websites and now that's, just not gon na run it properly. I don't think no okay, so I bought that and I will use the windows player home classic that's much better. There. We go okay, so let's skip ahead a little bit of stutters to begin with, and then it smooths out just remember this is a very demanding file. I think the bitrate is about a hundred and fifty meters per second as well. I mean that's really demanding, but other files are a little bit smaller. 4K. Like my typical clip, I show you'll see that this loads in quick and is smooth, so it plays back video files, a TVC ones, vp9 really quite well and just go into quickly.

A spreadsheet, so you can see swapping between that multitasking you'll, sometimes see a little bit of like a caching loading delay there. But I real you can do your edits change things around here without any noticeable lag and that's the main thing so let's jump into a game here. This is Counter Strike. Global Offensive and we'll keep an eye on the thermals and see how it performs so I've got it set to 720p and in the settings for in towers, graphics, I've, disabled, all those power saving options as well and selected maximum performance. So this frame rate does dip down to about whoa 12 10 frames per second, as you can see, then so it's, not an amazing performance at all it's. What I would call scraping play ball at 720p, probably want to lower that resolution and I'm probably going to die so it's it's doing okay. But one thing I have noticed it with the default power limit that the thermals are really really good. It always stays under 60 degrees here with my ambient 25 degrees, that I've got to stick to older titles. League of Legends as well will be another one that's quite playable on this particular chipset, and it really isn't that great at gaming, that's harder. Of course, you need a dedicated GPU to be able to game properly, so our firm was here really good, we're maxing out, you can see it's 68 degrees, but a lot of the time gaming.

I noticed it was actually under 60 degrees. It really depends on what you're doing, but with the default power limit, which has six watts thermals great, so you can increase that you've got quite a bit of headroom, I would say to run something like 10 or 11 watts. So, if a better life in this test, I was running 60 brightness and I was actually doing quite a bit of demanding works. I had a lot of chrome tabs open video a little bit of Counter Strike global Offensive as well, and I managed here you can see a runtime that's going to be approximately 5 hours or so so that's more demanding you. So your typical kind of lighter web views you're going to get about seven hours to eight hours with us, which is on par with other Celeron in 4000, laptops that have a 38 what our batteries. So this machine does have a completely unlocked BIOS, and that means that we can adjust the power limits and I discovered that the thermals are very, very good on this machine, so the default 6 watts which they have set under auto. You can override that and set something like 10 or 11, or use the software method to completely remove power limits. Now that crazy, flicker, you are seeing right now and any flicker in this video is just on camera now, if you're into Linux – and you wanted to run it on this particular laptop.

The good news is that everything is working this, as with the latest Linux, Mint distro, so the brightness controls the touchpad wireless Bluetooth, all working, no problems. So let's just recap here. I think the gaming performance that you saw there was actually a little bit better than some of the other in 4100 models. I'Ve reviewed and it's, probably because it's configured in dual channel that 8 gigabytes of RAM. That we've got here, ddr4, of course, that it's got now. The keyboard is good to type on it's, missing print screen shortcut, unfortunately, which should be there, but of course, there's ways around that. I like the fact that they separated the power button away from the keyboard. It'S backlit it's evenly backlit. The brightness has two settings which is good metal palm rest very large touchpad and look how thin it is. It is a thin laptop that's only about 14 millimeters if we don't count the big rubber feet on the bottom, so other areas that are actually very, very good that did surprise me is the thermals. Thermals are well it's, not even getting up to 70 degrees. So you can push a much higher power limit. You can unlock the power limit using that software method now that I've shown previously. In fact, that was for the Polar Lake, but it works on the Jim a lake. So you can get better GPU performance because it holds higher clocks, improving gaming performance. There so you'll be able to play older titles in 720p, as as I showed you there, so the hinge is quite stiff.

It goes back thus far. Are the speakers aren't amazing, but I do believe they are better than previous jumper laptops that I have looked at battery life is about seven hours to eight, depending on what you're doing and the brightness setting now the big con isn't the webcam, the webcam is average It'S not fully laminated but it's. Actually, okay, because it's just a one millimeter gap, you don't, really notice it and it doesn't. Distract me too much and we've got a good color gamut here, Adobe RGB of 74. We don't normally get that so these manufacturers are finally used up they're, really poor IPS panels and using much better one. So it doesn't come with a crazy blue tint like the easy buck. 3 Pro did. That model did but it's not a matte screen. So it's super reflective and it really does need to be brighter because it has a glossy screen, it's glass covered, so they should have at least had 250 nits, I nearly 300 or more but we're getting just 200. So, for some people, if you're in very bright environments like I've, got very bright studio lights on right now, the screen is fine for me, I'm running about 50 70 and right now I think it's set to about 80 not quite on maximum and it's good. But if you were to use this outdoors impossible with the reflections and that brightness not good so all up for the 299 price, a full spec type c port it's, offering quite a bit for the best price so far of the 8 gigabyte to Mono Lake laptops That I have reviewed it's just the screen there, but all up.

I really do like this machine and that's why? I think that jumpers back to their original easy book 3 pro days, which is about time because their previous models, I reviewed the x4 and the other ones. They were not good. They were pretty poor, really and I wasn't impressed with them and some have bad keyboards on or there, but this keyboard, great and I've decent machine, so we'll have that one more Gemini Lake laptop that's, the B max X 14 – that a lot of you asked me To review, it also has a full spec type C port, and I believe it is very, very similar to this laptop but it's, just 14 inches with a fully laminated display it doesn't support, touch a lot of people think it does but I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

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  1. I found your channel yesterday and now I am watching every single video 😆, I love the way you construct all the reviews, and because of one of your detailed reviews I’ve found a great recommendation to purchase a new phone between the redmi note 8 pro vs realme X2. You made a great comparison in that one.

    Regards from Spain. (BTW, I noticed that you are living in Spain so I hope you like my country 😏😏)

  2. LinuxMint all working, cool. Lubuntu 19.10 prob runs even a little faster.
    That’s too bad about the reflective and dim screen. Just that it can be annoying to have to reposition if you have a window behind your and getting bad reflections.

  3. Great review and at least a bit of the feeling of the EZBook 3 Pro days 2 years ago. The hatch looks good, a metal palm rest is also back.

  4. I would never buy Jumper again. I bought the Ezbook 3 Pro and after only about 1 year of regular use the whole thing was falling apart, hinges breaking. Build quality is shocking and it’s very clear they never tested it sufficiently for longevity. Low quality brand – stay well clear. Stick to the big brands – they’re engineering design is lightyears ahead of these small / no brand manufacturers.

  5. intel ssd in a cheap china laptop? Great build for 299? Nice. THumbs up for Jumper but will it survive 1 year without tech.failure? 😮👀

  6. Love the laptop reviews! Especially for the budget price segment. I’ve been looking for a budget laptop for a while and this one seems to be a good value.


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