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Jumper EZBook X1 Review – The Cheaper Teclast F5

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Jumper EZbook X1 Laptop 360 Degree Rotating Multi ... 259.99 gearbest Buy Now
Jumper EZbook X1 11.6" FHD IPS Touchscreen laptop ... US $276.58
US $373.75
Jumper EZbook X1 laptop 11.6" FHD IPS Touchscreen ... US $287.79
US $373.75
11.6 inch IPS Multi Touch Display laptop Gemini La... US $287.79
US $373.75
11.6" FHD IPS Touchscreen laptop Jumper EZbook X1 ... US $287.79
US $373.75
Jumper EZbook X1 Laptop 11.6 inch IPS Multi Touch ... US $349.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now

Jumper EZBook X1 review, it's like the Teclast F5. But half the RAM and no stylus support, however, it's cheaper. $259 here: https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_009695647210.html?wid=1433363&lkid=16952818

01:17 – What's in the box
01:56 – Keyboard & touchpad
03:05 – Webcam
03:40 – 2-in-1 modes
03:51 – Design, ports & build
05:14 – Benchmarks
06:54 – Battery & charge times
08:05 – Power limits & thermals
09:09 – Performance
10:40 – Audio
11:29 – Bios & Linux
12:51 – Recap
13:56 – Pros & Cons

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Comment (34)

    1. +James Lewis is it 2005? did something happen? did we go back to 2005? Because i thought we were buying a laptop in 2018. You going to brag about its ability to run windows xp next?

    2. TeddyBearisms Well you SAID you can only play “shitty mobile games” and i replied with some games that weren’t shitty mobile games. There isn’t even a mobile port of HL2 unlike GTASA. Of course you are hardly going to be able to run AAA 2018 games with a low spec laptop like this one, unless you do some drastic performance measures like using low spec graphics mods and running the game on a low resolution, watch lowspecgamer for more info about that kind of stuff

    3. Of course the celeron Nxxx is always going to be a major CPU bottleneck compared to even an i3 so CPU bound modern games probably wouldnt run all that well even with the graphics mods

  1. What is the laptop with that size that has a better battery and is also able to tent and tablet mode? (Preferably with 8gb)?

    1. To get a gaming pc, you need to look at the requirements. I suggest you to get a pc with a Intel core i5 processor and a GTX 980 as lowest requirements. Also, using SSS will run faster than using a hard drive but space will be lowered.

    2. theFALLEN YOU I have a laptop with worse specs than this (well it has more storage but it has a slow HDD unfortunately) and it runs most older games just fine even with only a dual core CPU, so you will probably be totally fine with games that are at least 10+ years old and probably quite a few newer ones with reduced settings

  2. Doesn’t make sense to save 50$ for 4gb less memory. And a non laminated display and no stylus support are a no go. Even for 100$ less useless cause Windows becomes a RAM Monster update for update in my experience.
    Lot of work for such a review on an item you can describe as lost far too much features for not enough savings. My opinion.
    But who is under budget pressure might find it acceptable. If you later will try to sell it as a used item you might have to realise cause buyer will tell you what in all is missing compared to teclast.

    1. Which is a bummer because it looks much cleaner than the F5 design-wise. Black keyboard deck and more angular angles. It looks industrial and punches a tad higher than its price. But the specs..

    2. Yes if you can. Better to get the F5, but when I recorded this video first it was $359… Now a bit cheaper so more worth while now.

    3. About stylus support. I wonder what happend with the Wacom EMR based chinese tablets. Is there any other brand that used that beside the Alldocube ones?

  3. Great review, it is too bad they didn’t put in a larger battery and a little more ram. The battery for me would be a deal breaker.

  4. Hi there. I was wondering if you could please take a look at the NEC NM11 series, particularly the NM550? I know you normally do Chinese brands, but it would be interesting to know what you think of it.

  5. The non-laminated, reflective screen is the deal breaker for me here. If it was laminated then this would be a direct competitor to the Lapbook SE imo in terms of quality vs price.

    1. You have the Teclast F5 with the laminated screen but it’s a little more however younger double the ram so worth it.

    1. Not normally as it has to be 12v and at least 2A it will look like my 12v 1.25A qc charger is working but it never gains battery percentage.


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