JJRC X3P Hax Plus Brushless FPV 1080p Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless GPS FPV camera drone is a very fast and sporty flier, even when under GPS control. Find it here

– Brushless motor drone.
– Very good and fast flier, even when under GPS control.
– GPS control with automatic return to home and landing on command, loss of signal, and low battery.
– 1080p modular camera with SD card recording capability. Camera has remote up/down view control via the drone's transmitter/controler.
– Controller has LED window with telemetry information of range, distance, speed and remaining battery power. Window comes in handy when flying line of sight without your phone.
– Automatic geofence keeps your drone within 200 meters when fltying as a beginner. This keeps the drone within FPV range. But if you wish, geofence may be turned off for longer range flying.
– Maximum FPV range of close to 300 meters. Controller range is farther at up to 500 meters.
– FPV video and advanced flight control modes of follow me, circle position, and waypoints are available via the JJRC TST app available on Google Play here and iTunes here
– 7.4V 2000mah battery provides about 11 minutes of flight time.

– Although the drone includes an SD card slot, its recording performance was not dependable, especially if the drone loses FPV range. Most of the video files on my Class 10 SD card were corrupted after the above flight. However, this drone also simultaneously records 1080p video directly to your phone. The recorded phone video was dependable, with all of the above aerial video recorded to my phone.
– Waypoint feature would not work with mine.
– Video jello is very apparent in recorded video.
– If the FPV signal is lost on long range flight, the app may not automatically reconnect to the WiFi signal. To regain the signal, the drone and app must both be restarted.
– Uses 802.11ac WiFi. Not everyone has this type of WiFi on their phone. Before purchasing, make sure that your phone is 802.11ac capable.

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Comment (22)

  1. Not much of an upgrade on the original…that camera is a Bad jello maker and WiFi fpv froze up pretty easily

    1. As the FPV range is close to 300 meters, if you leave the 200 meter geofence turned on, then there’s no way you would fly out of FPV range to lose the signal. That’s why I think that the geofence is turned on by default.

  2. excellent video again sir 🙂 Pleasure to watch..
    on the screw to close up the batery-compartment: I think it’s mandatory on toys in some countries? (so kids can’t get to the bettery).. and yes I know it’s Useless, but that’s what more laws are like 😛

  3. Quad itself is okay, but on the other hand quite the jello-generator. Video could probably been improved by balancing the props, but straight out of the box: rather unusable :- Pity

  4. Wow can u shout out for me… I have jux started a channel and i would appreciate if u do… I work so hard for it. Thank u sir… 🌹


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